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How to replace the drying net of food dryer?

If the drying net of the food dryer is damaged, it should be replaced in time. Next, Dryfree Energy Saving Technology will talk about the replacement method of the drying net of the food dryer.


The replacement method is: first remove the sprocket of the main drive end of the layer of drying net, the operator faces the machine, unscrew the bolts on the end covers of the main and passive shafts of the layer of drying net on the left side of the machine, and pull out the main and passive shaft Components, open the observation door, remove the drying chain from the box, and replace it with a new drying net, pay attention to 6-8 netting rollers at intervals, use stainless steel wire to tighten the netting and the netting roller, and then follow the reverse steps above Installation and commissioning. Note that when adjusting the tension of the drying chain with the adjustable seats at both ends of the passive shaft, the chain must not be too tight or too loose, and the tension of the two left and right chains must be consistent.

In addition, the components of the hot blast stove used with the dryer, such as the furnace, grate, chimney, inner wall, and hot blast pipe joints, should be checked for damage. If damaged, they should be repaired or replaced. The maintenance of the gearbox, bearing and chain of the machine is the same as above. Related knowledge: What are the safety skills of the dryer

Last reminder, in order to ensure the normal operation of the food dryer, daily maintenance needs to be done, regularly check whether the instrument indicators of the dryer are normal, regularly verified by the measurement department, test the operation of the motor is working properly, regular maintenance, check each zero Check if there are any loose parts or tightening parts, or if there is any abnormal sound.

Post time: Jul-28-2020