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Four factors determine the process selection of the dryer

Generally speaking, the drying process of the dryer for materials generally depends on the performance and drying characteristics of the materials. It mainly contains four major elements. Let’s take a look with the industrial dryer manufacturers.


(1) The shape of the material

The shape of the material can be said to be the first element of demand consideration, ranging from shaped wood, ceramic products, and flake, fiber, granule, fine powder to paste and liquid materials, which are dried by industry. materials.

(2) Various physical characteristics of materials

The physical characteristics of the material include density, bulk density, particle size distribution, hot melt and the unevenness of the adhesion performance of the material, which has a great influence on the operation of the incoming and outgoing materials and some forms of dryers. The process cannot proceed.

(3) Characteristics of materials in the drying process

Including heat sensitivity, some materials decompose and deteriorate after being heated. In addition, the shrinkage of the materials in the drying process will crack or deform the molded products, thereby reducing the quality of the products and even discarding them.

(4) The state of the combination of materials and moisture

It felt the difficulty of drying, the level of energy consumption and the length of time required to stay in the dryer, which has a lot to do with the selection. For example, for hard-to-dry materials, the first thing is to give a longer stay, rather than strengthening the external conditions of drying.

Post time: Jul-16-2020