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How to choose food drying equipment

There are many classifications of food drying equipment, but the requirements for dryers are inseparable from the points of safety, pollution-free and sterilization. Today I will give you a detailed analysis of how to choose food drying equipment.


1. The drying equipment is mainly suitable for specific materials, and meets the basic application requirements for material drying, and can meet the basic needs of processing volume, dehydration volume, and product quality. It is best to do the drying test of the material before selection.

2. It is preferred to choose drying equipment with a simple structure, sufficient spare parts supply, high reliability, long life and low operating cost. Those equipment that consumes a lot of energy, has a lot of labor, and has high maintenance costs are recommended not to be purchased.

3. See if the equipment is dry to ensure that the object is clean and free of pollution. The modular fully-enclosed thermal insulation drying room not only makes the drying more efficient and energy-saving, but also ensures the quality of the dried products is safe and pollution-free.

The above is the way to choose a food dryer. As the saying goes, the disease comes from the mouth. When drying food, you must ensure the hygiene of the food, so this is also an important indicator for purchasing drying equipment. Of course, the drying efficiency is also our consideration. Friends in need are welcome to consult.


Post time: Aug-24-2020