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Ginseng drying



1.Ginseng has a good cosmetic effect, can promote the blood circulation of our skin, strengthen the nutrition of the skin, prevent wrinkles, and avoid skin dryness.
2.People with hypotension can often eat ginseng, because ginseng can help adjust blood pressure and improve the condition of hypotension.
3.Ginseng can improve diabetes, but ginseng is only suitable for mild diabetes, severe diabetes has little effect.
4.Ginseng has the effect of eliminating phlegm, but if accompanied by cough, it is better not to eat ginseng, which is not conducive to the recovery of cough.
5.Ginseng can improve the symptoms of neurasthenia, insomnia, fatigue and other symptoms, and increase the vitality of people with neurasthenia.
6.Usually, people with poor eyesight can also eat some ginseng appropriately, because ginseng can improve their eyesight to a certain extent.
7.It can also improve chronic gastritis and alleviate or even eliminate the gastric acid deficiency caused by chronic gastritis.


1.Some Raw Materials Of Ginseng
2.Pallet For Drying Vehicle
3.A Set Of Ginseng Dryer

Ginseng drying process


1.Ginseng drying process has certain requirements for material selection, so as to ensure the drying effect of finished ginseng dried goods is consistent and products are unified. Choose the same size, white and tender color, adequate moisture, strong ginseng legs, Lutou and full-fledged adult ginseng is preferred.
2.Cleaning:Do not brush the skin of ginseng when washing.Rinse the ginseng with clean water, soak in the mountain spring water, and brush away the soil in the wrinkles on the ginseng surface with a soft brush. After washing, wipe off the moisture on the surface with a clean soft cloth
3.Drying:The ginseng is evenly placed in a tray, put into a trolley and sent into the drying room.Generally, it can be maintained at 45-50 C, 30 C at low temperature and 60% humidity.

Storage methods:
1.After the dried ginseng is normally cooled to normal temperature, the ginseng is packed in different grades according to the standard, sterilized and sealed.
2.Conventional Preservation Method: For the dried reference, it can be sealed with plastic bags to isolate the air and stored in a cool place.