Dryfree mainly sells dehydrator, solar dryers, heat pump dryer machines and solar+heat pump dryer.

Company profile

Dryfree is China's first factory specializing in the production of dehydrator, solar dryers, heat pump dryer machines and solar+heat pump dryer, which used to dry fruit, flowers,agricultural products,herbs,nuts,meat,seafood,industrial products etc.
Our company began to concentrate on the design and installation of drying engineering projects since 2002. In 2006, we established a factory in Dongguan to concentrate on the design, research and development, production of solar unit and heat pump drying unit. And we pioneered the combination of solar dryer and heat pump drying units to provide the most optimized new energy drying and energy-saving design scheme for customers.We hope to create more value for our customers and decrease more pollution and increase more green for our world “Work with your need, save more energy cost, decrease more pollution.”

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Our team

In order to improve the response speed of customer demand and improve the service system, our company has established branches in many provinces and municipalities in China, holding technical and market training to better serve customers.

Why choose us


innovation01   We have stable R&D capital input.The powerful and comprehensive R&D team deeply understand clients’ demand.

production01   We have well trained production team,stable and reliable excellent supply chain system and strict quality control system.

experience01   Dryfree have 15 years experience of drying industry and serve for thousands of customers in nearly 150 industries.There are more than 3000 successful cases.

technical01   We will provide you on-site service with the experienced project technicians.

on-site service

Leadership01   Our leadership team have advanced business and management concept,rich enterprise operation experience and engineering project management practice.

service01   Providing specially-assigned person tracing service to ensure the good communication and coordination with clients.