Dryfree mainly sells dehydrator, solar dryers, heat pump dryer machines and solar+heat pump dryer.

 Foreign Trade Assistant

Job category: foreign trade/trade commissioner/assistant

1. One year working experience is preferred.
2. Work carefully, have good adaptability and communication and coordination ability.
3. Complete the work assigned by the foreign trade manager.
4. Ability to develop customers independently
5. Assist in receiving visiting customers and related documentary work, assist in arranging shipping and other related matters.
6. Familiar with office software
7. Be good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing. Be able to translate some documents. Bachelor degree or above


Network operations assistant

Position statement:
1. Be responsible for the operation of the company’s Alibaba international platform, optimize the products of flourishing shops, increase the exposure, page view and improve the conversion rate.
2. Analyze product keyword ranking, optimize product quality, product P4P, shop window, ranking promotion, etc.
3. Familiar with Alibaba international operating environment and operating rules, can adapt to the latest Alibaba rules.
4. Window management, key word analysis, data analysis, expand accurate high conversion key words.
5. Be able to comprehensively diagnose and analyze the current situation of the store and make improvement plans.
6. College degree or above, be good at English
7. Basic communication and coordination ability, patience, teamwork spirit, can withstand pressure, entrepreneurial spirit, have a dream, dare to work hard, challenge high salary.


Working time: 5 days a week
Salary structure: basic salary + social security + bonus + commission
Benefits: We will purchase social security and holiday benefits for regular staff.
Company atmosphere is good, welcome you to join. If you are interesting in this job, you can directly call, or send resume.


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