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As a high-protein nutritional product, fish gelatin is widely loved by the elderly and women. Fish gelatin is generally a dry product of fish gills (assisted respiratory organs). It is rich in gelatin, hence the name fish gelatin, also known as fish belly and gelatin. The expensive price of fish gelatin is also inseparable from the production and drying process. Below Dryfree will take you to understand the effect of drying temperature on fish gelatin:

Low-temperature drying of fish gelatin (temperature between normal temperature and 40 degrees Celsius): fish gelatin containing high protein should not be dried at high temperature, but if the drying temperature is too low and the time is not adjusted significantly, the dried fish gel is easy to produce flowers. The heart-shaped fish gelatin should not be eaten and stored. The longer the time, the milder the flower core will be, and the odor will be emitted after the immersion.

Drying fish gelatin at medium temperature (temperature between 40 °C and 75 °C): drying the fish gel at medium temperature is the most suitable drying temperature, the maximum temperature should not exceed 75 °C, the drying time is within 15 hours, and the temperature is adjusted according to time. humidity.

High-temperature drying of fish gelatin (temperature above 75 °C): fish gelatin is a high-protein product that is not suitable for high-temperature drying. When the temperature is too high, water loss will take away a lot of nutrients. If the water loss is too fast, it will affect the shape of the fish gelatin. . The high-temperature dried fish gel has poor rehydration and is not easy to rise and has low edible value.


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The drying of fish gelatin generally adopts a low-temperature long-time drying method, and the requirements for dehumidification are relatively high. Dryfree fish gelatin drying equipment uses a rotary dehumidifier plus a negative pressure fan, which has good dehumidification effect, large air volume and high wind speed. The moisture on the surface of the material can be quickly removed to prevent the moisture from staying on the surface of the material and affect the quality of the product. The whole drying can be used for a room area of 36m3, and the structure of the drying room is made of cold storage professional heat-insulating extruded board, which is heat-insulating and durable. The control system adopts PLC+ human-machine interface, the control is precise and stable, and the unattended automatic operation has been realized. The heat source adopts the rotary dehumidifier, the energy efficiency ratio is up to 2.5, the drying amount is large, the color of the baked product is good, and the power consumption is easy to store. Save you running costs. And the equipment has no three waste discharge [waste water, waste, waste gas] is a set of environmentally friendly and energy-saving drying equipment.