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How to prevent honeysuckle from turning black after drying?

The quality of dried honeysuckle is closely related to the drying process. If the color of the dried honeysuckle becomes black, it means that the medicinal ingredients are lost, the medicinal effect may be lost, and the usual effect is not achieved. Therefore, for honeysuckle growers and processing purchasers, how to prevent honeysuckle from drying and blackening is the core point.


How to prevent honeysuckle from turning black after drying?

1. Honeysuckle picking time

Drying within 4 hours after picking, try to pick honeysuckle in the morning to avoid accelerated oxidation and blackening of honeysuckle under high temperature weather at noon and afternoon. Experienced growers usually pick honeysuckle before 12 noon. At the same time, during the bud stage and the white bud stage, honeysuckle nutrients, smell, color, and medicinal ingredients are the best picking periods.

2. Try to avoid turning honeysuckle

After placing the honeysuckle in the drying room, try to avoid turning the honeysuckle repeatedly to cause blackening. Because the honeysuckle has a pinched “wound” after being picked, the antioxidant substance in it turns black due to turning or contact with accelerated oxygen, which causes the honeysuckle to deteriorate.


3. Avoid high temperature drying

During the drying process, avoid sudden increase in temperature or reach 60°C, which will lose the efficacy of the medicine and make the honeysuckle become black as “scorched”. At the same time, the drying time should not be too long. It is recommended to choose the drying equipment of the PLC intelligent temperature control system from Dryfree, which can dry honeysuckle at a fixed temperature and avoid blackening due to high temperature.

4. Choose bamboo utensils to hold honeysuckle

Natural materials such as bamboo weaving should be selected for drying honeysuckle, and the possibility of blackening the honeysuckle should be avoided with ironware such as stainless steel. Metallic stainless steel has reducibility, which is detrimental to the drying quality of honeysuckle.


5. The drying temperature should be even

It should be noted that the thickness of honeysuckle during laying should not exceed 1.5cm to reduce the overheating and blackening of parts of the drying room caused by poor drying. And Pivot honeysuckle drying equipment manufacturers can provide professional honeysuckle drying room air duct design and temperature control solutions for free, so that engineers and growers will no longer worry about honeysuckle blackening. 

The advantage of the honeysuckle air dryer is that it can precisely control the temperature of the drying room, and cooperate with the exhaust fan to bring the heat to each bamboo weave in the drying room with the wind. Dry equipment, you can also use one machine for multiple purposes, really a good helper to get rich!

Post time: Oct-14-2020