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How does the heat pump drying room dehumidify?


Want to know how the drying room removes moisture? You will understand how it works after reading it. Users who want to use the heat pump dryer will be more interested in the drying room, because it is a new type of drying equipment, it has a strong drying capacity, and can also dry various products. One thing that many customers don’t understand is how the drying room removes moisture. This involves the principle of drying. You will understand after reading it.

Working principle of drying room

The drying room wants to achieve the drying of materials, the main way is to combine the air energy heat pump with the drying room. The working principle of the air energy heat pump is to first absorb the external refrigerant and then pressurize it through the compressor to transform it into high pressure High-heat gas, the pressurized high-heat gas passes through the condenser to release heat and is cooled into low-pressure and low-temperature gas. The low-temperature gas is converted into liquid refrigerant through the throttle, and the liquid refrigerant is evaporated by absorbing heat through the evaporator.


How to control the humidity of the drying room

During the drying process of the material, there will be continuous water discharge, so that the humidity in the drying room will continue to increase. When the temperature reaches a certain concentration, it needs to be discharged, because the drying of the material cannot be achieved without the humidity. The high temperature heat pump drying room has the function of automatic humidity monitoring. When the humidity exceeds a certain value, the moisture will be discharged through the exhaust fan to ensure the drying effect.

Of course, the choice of the exhaust fan is also very particular. If the power is too large, it is difficult to gather heat inside the drying room, the drying speed is slowed, and the power is too small, and the moisture cannot be discharged in time, which will also affect the drying speed. Yes, if you still don’t know how the drying room’s dehumidification is achieved or how to choose the power of the fan, you are welcome to contact Dryfree, we will have engineers one-to-one guidance and recommend it for you Appropriate equipment selection, customized drying room size according to your drying product quantity, look forward to your call.

Post time: Oct-09-2020