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There used to be no refrigerator. People kept salt and added meat to preserve the meat, and then dried it. After the preparation, the sausage can be put on for a long time. Whether it is cooking or cooking, it can be used directly and it is very convenient.

At present, most of the market, except for the sausages they have prepared, are dried in the drying room instead of the traditional outdoor drying. Traditional outdoor drying adds a large amount of salt to the raw materials so that the sausage can be stored for a long time. The sausage that is dried in the drying room can be stored for a long time without adding too much salt.


Drying process use sausage drying equipment

1, the sausage drying and other constant drying stage

After 5 to 6 hours, the temperature quickly rose to 60 to 65 degrees within two hours after the material was placed in the drying room, without draining. This process is mainly to play a fermentation process, to control the meat does not change color and taste. This is the warm-up phase we are talking about. After the warm-up time, the temperature is adjusted to 45 to 50 degrees and the humidity is controlled within the range of 50% to 55%.

2, sausage drying slowdown and drying stage

Control of hair coloring period and contraction setting period, the temperature is controlled at 52 to 54 degrees, the humidity is controlled at about 45%, and the time is 3 to 4 hours. The sausage gradually turns from light red to bright red, and the casing begins to shrink. Pay attention to the appearance of hard shells, which can be used alternately between hot and cold, and the effect is good.

3, sausage drying and rapid drying stage

The main limiting factor at this stage is the temperature 〃 in order to enhance the drying speed, the temperature is raised to 60 to 62 degrees, the drying time is controlled at 10 to 12 hours, and the relative humidity is controlled at about 38%. The final drying humidity of the sausage is controlled at 17%.


Deposit of sausage

Keep it clean and free of dust, cover it with a food bag, and do not hang it upside down. It is dust-proof and breathable and will not grow mildew. When you eat, steam and cool, then slice and taste delicious.

As a meat product, bacon is not long-lasting. After the winter solstice, the bacon made before the Great Cold is preserved for the longest time and is not easy to taste. The bacon is preserved at room temperature. The taste is the most authentic when the lunar calendar is three months old. As the temperature rises, the bacon will change its meat quality, but the taste will become thorny. Therefore, after three months of the lunar calendar, the bacon cannot be preserved at room temperature. The best way to save is to wash the bacon, wrap it in plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator's freezer so that it can be stored for a long time.

When you choose the sausage, try not to choose too bright colors, because the good sausages are generally normal in color, and will not appear very bright colors or very oily look. The normal sausage is dry, and it is dry and firm. The color will be a little pale or dark. The taste will not appear lumpy or small. If it is eaten, it means that the sausage may be used. Inferior meat. Everyone must pay attention when choosing the sausage. Don't be confused by the bright appearance of the sausage.


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