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Mango has the effect of improving stomach, stopping vomiting and halo. It is effective for vertigo, Meniere syndrome, hypertension dizziness, nausea and vomiting.Eating mango pulp or making soup with mango pulp also has a good effect on nausea of pregnant women.

Mango can reduce cholesterol. People often eat mango to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, protect eyesight, moisturize the skin. It's the ladies' beauty.

Mango has the function of dispelling disease and stopping cough. It has auxiliarytherapeutic effect on cough, phlegm, asthma and so on.

Mango juice can increase gastrointestinal peristalsis and shorten fecal retention time in colon, so it is very helpful to prevent colon cancer.

Mango contains carotene, and can good the eye, moisturize the skin.

Weight loss: mango is a small number of fruits rich in protein, which is easy to eat and full. Traditional Chinese medicine has proved that mango can remove phlegm, strengthen spleen and stomach, and good for waterways, while traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that obesity is caused by "dampness", "phlegm", and "water stagnation". Mango is the fruit of weight loss.


Dried mango is delicious, but the drying process is more complicated, the following experience analysis mango drying process and the using method of mango drying machine.


Some raw materials of fresh mango
A fruit knife
A pot.
A set of Mango dryer


Selecting>>cleaning, peeling, slicing>>hardening and sucking sugar>>drying>>softening and storing

1.Selection: The choice of mango is of course the best choice for fleshy and nuclear, because mango's own skin and core account
for about 50% of the total. Maturity is 8-9. Fully mature production will be less tasty.

2.Cleaning and peeled slice: clean and slice. Wash mango, drain, peel skin contains tannins, will make the flesh browning, so the skin must be cleaned, remove marks, vertically cut the mango into a sheet of about 0.3 to 0.5 cm thick.


3.Harden and absorb sugar: 60-70% sucrose or starch syrup. A small amount of calcium chloride hardener was added, and the mango slices were soaked in syrup for 1-2 days toharden and absorb sugar.

5. Soften and store: place dried mango in sealed container for 2- 3 days, let it soften, packaging into bag, pay attention to low temperature and avoid light storage.

Please note :

If in the area of high humidity and high temperature, slice the mango thin properly. , and the concentration of sugar solution is slightly increased (the sugar itself also has antiseptic effect ). After the sugar solution is fully soaked , the ventilation can be achieved ;or put it
in the air-conditioner room , which can shorten the air - drying time effectively , and make sure the mango is the freshest.

4.Drying: remove the mango slices carefully and place them one by one on the drying tray and turn on the power supply for the drying machine.
Set drying process drying parameters as follows.
The first stage:
time 4 H, temperature 45 degrees, humidity control at 65.
The second stage:
time 6 H, temperature 55 degrees, humidity control at 42.
The third stage:
time 2 H, temperature 62 degrees, humidity control at 26.
It is best to turn over every 3-4 hours during drying.