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How To Make Banana Chips?

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banana drying


Frequent consumption of bananas can prevent hypertension, because bananas can provide more potassium ions that can lower blood pressure, have the effect of resisting sodium ion pressor and damaging blood vessels. They also believe that if people lack potassium, they will experience dizziness, general weakness and arrhythmia. Because bananas contain a variety of nutrients, but low sodium content, and do not contain cholesterol, after eating can provide a variety of nutrients to the human body, but will not make people fat. Therefore, bananas are not only beneficial to the brain, prevent nerve fatigue, but also have the function of moistening the lung, relieving cough and preventing constipation.


1.Some raw materials of fresh banana
2.A fruit knife
3.A pot
4.A set of banana dryer

Banana drying process

1.Material selection: Selection of bananas with edible maturity
2.Peeling: manual peeling.
3.Cutting: cut the flesh in half lengthwise
4.Drying: hot air drying at 65-70 C for 18-20 hours, so that the water content of finished products can reach 16-17%.
5.Storage: Store at room temperature for more than half a year to keep the color, fragrance and taste unchanged.