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Cherry is rich in vitamins and various elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. It is also rich in anthocyanin, also known as cherries. It is known as “fruit diamond” and has high nutritional value and commodity value. The cherries cultivated in China as fruit trees are Chinese cherries, sweet cherries, sour cherries and cherries. Although the cherries are delicious, but the shelf life is no more than one week, the pressure on the market for fresh cherries is still relatively large. It is a good idea to make some cherries into cherry quince, but the industry is always worried that the cherries are not well baked. Worry is completely superfluous, you must know that the dried fruit of the cherry dryer tastes very good, sweet and sour, and the meat is smooth. This article shares the process and use of the cherry dryer.


First, the cherry is prepared before drying

1. Picking the cherries should pick the fruits of the same quality and quality, and the bad fruit will not hesitate to discard them.

2. Professional workers began to cherish the nucleus.

3. Wash the cherries with water, remove the fruit stalks, and start the syrup treatment after boiling water for a few minutes.

4, after the sugar stains and several times boiled, take out and drain.


Second, cherry drying process and tips

1. The sugar content of cherry is high and the viscosity is large. It is necessary to pay attention to the material car with special materials to avoid the phenomenon that the material car tray sticks to the cherry fruit. First, the cherry is evenly laid on the material tray, and then layered into the stainless steel material frame. Waiting to dry in the drying room. The material frame is preferably 14 layers with a spacing of 10-15 cm. The purpose is to uniformly dry and dehumidify in the drying room. Start the intelligent temperature and humidity control system of the cherry dryer, and start the temperature setting at 60 °C. This stage is mainly dehumidification until the air temperature drops to about 50%. When it is slightly dry, the temperature is raised by 10 °C and the humidity is lowered. 25% or so, after 8-12 hours, let stand for a period or take it back soft, the late drying should be determined by the sugar content of the cherry, usually lower the temperature, about 58 °C is appropriate, the internal humidity of the cherry dried fruit Control the moisture content at 18%. 

2, in order to achieve the water balance inside and outside the fruit and soft texture, dried cherry can be softened in a wooden box for 2-3 days after packaging.

cherry drying

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