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How to make apple chips?


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Apple, a fruit of Rosaceae, is not only the most important fruit in China, but also the most widely grown fruit in the world. It’s taste is sweet and sour, and it is nutritious. There is a saying in the United States: "If you eat an apple for every meal, you don't have to ask a doctor." Although this is somewhat exaggerated, the nutritional and medicinal value of apples can be seen. Because the nutrition contained in apples is comprehensive and easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it is very suitable for infants, the elderly and patients.

Apple has long been known as one of the "healthy" fruits, and is one of the most common fruits. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats, etc., which are the nutrients needed by the human brain. Eating more apples has the effect of improving memory and improving intelligence. It also improves respiratory and lung function and protects the lungs from dust and fumes in the air. In daily life, people often eat apples directly. If they can process apples into dried apples, they can carry them, and they can show the flavor and taste different from apples, and try to maintain the original nutrients.

Apple processing products:

Apple can be eaten raw directly, also can be squeezed into apple juice for drinking. In addition, the current apple processing products are various, such as dried apples, apple chips, applesauce, apple ice cream, canned apples, candied apples, fried apple slices, etc. There are multiple choices.

Methods of apple drying:

The drying method of apple chips is divided into hot air drying, low temperature drying, microwave drying, radiation drying, and drying in natural light greenhouses.

Introduction of the apple dryer

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Most domestic companies use hot air drying to produce, and only a small number of manufacturers carry out other methods of production. The high-efficiency heat pump dehumidification and drying machine of Dryfree is the best equipment to drying fruits,flowers and herbs. The dryer is energy-saving.

Advantages of High-efficiency heat pump dehumidification drying machine:

1, High-efficiency heat pump dehumidifier is the most complete technology for air dehumidification. The energy-saving efficiency is very high, which can reach 1KWH=6-8kg water, while the ordinary electric heating dehydration amount is: 1KWH=1KG water. The ordinary heat pump dehydration amount is: 1KWH=2-3KG water, heat pump integrated unit: 1KWH=3-4KG water.
2, The material has heat-sensitive, sugar, seafood, Chinese medicine, health food, sludge drying and other materials have a particularly good effect.
3. The equipment department is affected by the external environment. The gas in the drying room is not discharged, and the drying of special requirements can be satisfied.
4, Can be combined with microwave drying equipment to dry, can greatly reduce the power consumption of drying, improve the speed and efficiency of drying.
5, Can completely replace freeze-drying, low energy consumption, fast. It is the equipment with the lowest energy consumption of drying equipment in the future.
6, A wide range of applications - is the best equipment for dry processing of dried raisins, dried peaches, dried apples, dried pears, dried apricots, dried dates, dried plums, etc.

Fruits are rich in aromatic compounds, and the success of processing methods depends to some extent on the retention of these aromatic compounds. The application of the traditional heating and drying method will cause the pigments such as aromatic substances, chlorophyll and fruit red to be lost, and the product will be eclipsed. Drying apple slices, figs, mango slices, etc. with heat pump dryer equipment, the product has bright color and fragrant aroma, and basically maintains the flavor of fresh fruit.

Drying process of apple

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1. Raw materials: The fruit is fresh and full, the quality is good, more than eight mature, the seeds are brown, the tissue does not shrink, no mold, deformity, frostbite, pests and diseases and serious mechanical injuries.
2. Washing: Rinse the raw materials with running water and rinse off the residues and impurities on the apples.
3, Peeling: raw materials through the mechanical (also artificial) evenly remove the apple skin, eliminating cracks, spots and spots.
4. Slicing: The apple that has been peeled is then punched into a circular hole along the center of the core by a nuclear machine, and then cut into annular pieces along the transverse direction of the fruit by a microtome.
5. Soaking in the syrup: The fruit pieces are placed in the syrup for 30 to 40 minutes. When immersing, the liquid level of the syrup should be higher than that of the fruit slice. In order to prevent the fruit piece from floating on the syrup, it should be pressed on the fruit piece with the curtain weight to ensure that the fruit piece is completely immersed in the syrup.
6. Drying: The moisture content of the apple slices before drying is 86-88%, and the moisture content is about 5.8%. The thickness of the slice has a great influence on the drying rate. The thicker the thickness, the longer the drying time. If there is no special requirement, the recommended slice thickness is in the range of 3~5mm, and the loading amount is 1.5kg/m2. Drying chamber temperature: 40 to 55 °C. Drying time: 5 to 10 hours. Dehumidification and dehumidification are carried out during the drying process. To prevent temperature instability, high and low.
7. Selection: The dried apples are manually selected and trimmed.
(1) Trimming: trimming the fruit pieces with residual seed nests, peels, mechanical scars, spots, pests and diseases.
(2) Selection: Remove the water pieces (not dried pieces), paste pieces, chips, and dirty pieces in the fruit pieces, and remove impurities.
8. Packing: Dehydrated apples that have passed the test and inspection are packed into composite packaging bags for packaging. If vacuum packaging is used, the product shelf life can be extended.

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Storage of dried apples:

Dried apples need to be stored in dark, dry and cold places. The lower the storage temperature, the longer the storage period is, preferably 0 to 2 ° C, but generally not more than 4 to 10 ° C. The dryer the air, the better, and its relative humidity is preferably below 65%. Vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life of the product. In addition, pay attention to moisture and rain, and prevent pests from biting. These are important preservation measures to ensure the quality of apples.


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