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When the lemon slice is dried, it is easy to appear on the surface of the hard shell, while the inside of the lemon slice is not wet, which is a kind of pseudo drying. The small Tips of the high-quality dry film of the lemon slice dryer is that when the lemon slice is dried to a certain extent during the baking process, the machine is stopped and stopped, and the re-moisture is repeated for secondary re-baking, so that the lemon piece can truly maintain the primary color. drying.

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Steps to make a lemon slice using an heat pump fruit dryer:

Step 1: Select high-quality lemon fruit, carefully clean lemon fruit, salt water cleaning method, soda water cleaning method or ultrasonic cleaning method. The main purpose is to remove pesticide residues or waxes.

lemon drying1
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tep 2: Use a manual or lemon slicer to cut the fruit into slices of about 4 mm. Note that the thickness should be uniform and the error should not exceed ±1 mm! In addition, the lemon seeds should be removed to avoid affecting the drying effect and the taste of the lemon slices.

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Step 3: Place the lemon slices neatly on the ventilated tray, avoid stacking, first use the natural wind and light to remove some of the water from the lemon slices. Transfer the dried lemon slices to the air to dry the lemon in the room, set the temperature of the dryer to a low temperature of 40-50 ° C, the moisture of the lemon slices slowly evaporate and discharge during the low temperature drying process, and the drying process is about 12- 13 hours.

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Step 4: The shelf truck with the lemon slice material is allowed to stand in the drying room, or a special resurgence room is set up, and the shelf car is placed in the resurgence room to be in a resurgence. The surface is now dry. The main reason is that the lemon slices are severely deformed under hot air drying, and the surface is oxidized to form a dense protective layer, which is not conducive to the evaporation and drying of the water. When left for a while, the water inside the lemon slices migrates to the surface of the lemon slices and the surface softens. When the surface of the hand is found to be wet, the shelf of the lemon slice is pushed into the drying room again for secondary drying and re-baking.

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Why do you have to use the lemon dryer with heat pump technology?

1. The whole process of drying the lemon by the heat pump dryer, the energy consumption in the drying process is low, and the running cost is effectively reduced. 2, the drying process is well ventilated, the surface of the lemon is heated evenly, no need to manually enter to flip. Keep the lemon gloss and the quality of the finished product can be unified without manual separation. 3. Control the corresponding parameters of lemon drying, intelligently control the problems in the drying process, and intelligently handle abnormal conditions. 4. The drying process is safe and reliable, and there is no overheating or burning danger during the drying process. 5, automatic control of temperature and humidity, high precision. Effectively avoiding the phenomenon of drying or excessive drying caused by manual operation, reducing labor intensity and reducing operating costs. The lemon dryer is not only environmentally friendly, but also energy-saving. The drying process is hygienic and non-polluting, and the color is better than ordinary dry.

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