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Pineapple production process

1, raw material processing: take eight mature pineapples, remove rotten fruit, diseased fruit, insect fruit, peeled to the heart to the fruit, the selected flesh has turned yellow, with pineapple aroma, sliced, each piece thickness 3-4 mm, presented Fan-shaped.

2, hardening, color protection measures: pineapple pulp is a succulent berry type, the purpose of liming is to make the pectin substance and calcium into insoluble pectate calcium salt, so that the loose and easy to boil the pulp into a slightly tight and difficult to cook Rotten, while neutralizing the acid content of the flesh. The liming measures were to soak the pineapple slices with the supernatant after the precipitation with 3% lime water for 8 hours, rinse with water and let them drain.

3, concentrated sugar solution treatment: preparation of 60% sucrose solution, that is, 100 kg of sugar solution, 60 kg of sugar, 40 kg of water. Immerse the pineapple slices in 60% sugar solution. The sugar liquid has just been immersed in the raw material, and the sugar soaking time is 24 hours.

4. Drying: Pick up the pineapple slices from the sugar liquid, drain the water, and dry at 65 ° C for 18-20 hours to make the water content reach 16%.

5. Packing: The dried pineapple slices or pineapple slices will regain moisture when they are in direct contact with the air. Therefore, it is necessary to seal the package. If necessary, vacuum packaging can be used to maximize the color and flavor of the pineapple slices or pineapple slices.

Pineapple drying1

Pineapple dry heat pump drying reference process:

The first paragraph: setting the baking temperature of Pineapple dryer to 55 ° C, continuous heating mode, the fan continues to work in the cycle, time 2 hours;

The second paragraph: temperature 60 ° C, humidity set 35%, mode selection drying + dehumidification, time 8 hours;

The third paragraph: the temperature is raised to 65 ° C, the humidity is set at 20%, the mode is dry + dehumidification, the baking time is 8 hours, the whole process selects the wet and dry bulb sensing signal to control the humidity, and the temperature probe sensing signal controls the temperature;

The fourth paragraph: the temperature is set to 50 ° C, the humidity is set to 18%, the continuous dehumidification mode is baked for about 1.5 hours, and the drying is completed.


1) After the pineapple tablets have been treated with 60% concentrated sugar solution, the concentration will decrease, but there is a pineapple aroma, which can be used as pineapple juice, or continue to use after adding sugar to increase the concentration. 2) The early drying of the pineapple slices can control the temperature a little higher, which is good for dehumidification. In the later stage, the sugar content increases, and the temperature needs to be lowered to perform baking.

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