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High temperature heat pump chrysanthemum drying equipment brief introduction

Imperial chrysanthemum, also known as Jiuxianhuangju, Imperial chrysanthemum has a very high content of flavonoids, rich in a variety of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Imperial chrysanthemum tea set has three characteristics: fragrance, sweetness and moistening. It also has the effect of dispersing wind heat and improving eyesight. In local Xiabao, tasting chrysanthemum and appreciating chrysanthemum have become people's leisure lifestyle. Imperial chrysanthemum is not only have ornamental value, but also have medical value. In recent years, at home and abroad for chrysanthemums has been on the rise year by year, chrysanthemum market has broad prospects .At present, flower farmers will plant chrysanthemums after the picking, drying, vacuum packaging and other processes to sell to large and medium-sized cities at home and abroad. However, the traditional chrysanthemum drying process is not satisfied with the high quality of materials, and the Dryfree high temperature heat pump dryer emerged to thoroughly overcome this problem.

It is understood that in order to save costs, the traditional manufacturing process of chrysanthemum is through sulfur fumigation, which destroys the waxy surface and plays a drying role. However, the country has banned this process at present, but it does not exclude that some farmers still use sulphur fumigation. This process can only be used to make chrysanthemum bath foot care, not edible or pharmaceutical .At present, the traditional drying process of first steaming and then drying, not only completely depends on the weather, but also causes excessive drying of petals, petal shedding, The quality of dried chrysanthemums cannot meet the requirements, and the color of flowers cannot be guaranteed. In the later period, flowers are easy to be insect, and flowers will be broken in the transportation process, so they are not used.

Dryfree high temperature heat pump dryer only need small amount of energy to drive the compressor, and through absorb large amounts of heat energy from the air compressor, through the circulation fan to the drying room, continuous cycle of rapid heating (drying room temperature adjustable for: 8 ℃ to 80 ℃, adjustable humidity: 5% to 95%), using the platoon is wet air door platoon is wet, so as to achieve the purpose of material drying. Adopting the microcomputer intelligent temperature control and humidity control, the drying process needs no special guard and no pollutant discharge, and the running electricity price is low, which is an energy-saving and environment-friendly drying solution.

Before drying the chrysanthemums will be installed in the tray, flat into the oven, can’t overlap, to avoid tray placement bad caused unnecessary air leakage. Preheat the dryer to 45 ℃ to 50 ℃, Put the chrysanthemum into the baking pan and put it into the drying chamber. Then heating up to 65 ~75 C, because of the chrysanthemum color, fragrance, shape, taste requirements are very high, after drying the original color, flavor, original, which requires curing,   head part of the strong drying, and the petal part of the weak drying. At the same time, the chrysanthemum was dried by high-temperature heat pump dryer. The energy consumption of the drying process was low and the operation cost was effectively reduced. It can effectively avoid the phenomenon of drying out or excessive drying caused by manual operation, reduce labor intensity and operation cost.

1.Chrysanthemum dryer system structure composition

Customized products
Heat preservation drying oven
Hot air circulation system
Wet exhaust system
Automatic heating unit
Automatic temperature control and humidity control system

2.Advantages of chrysanthemum dryer system

The heat preservation effect is good, and the manpower cost can be saved by 50%. Its energy saving is more than 50% than that of electric heat pipe, infrared and microwave, and 40% more than that of oil burning and 30% more than that of coal burning.
Dry clean environment, no waste gas, waste water, waste residue discharge.
It has controllable temperature and humidity control function, high control accuracy, and can meet the needs of high-end market.
Drying products are of good quality, large yield and high added value.
Improve the efficiency of finished products and reduce the rate of defective drying products.
It can be applied in a wide range, free from climatic and environmental restrictions, and can be produced throughout the day.

3.Chrysanthemum dryer after-sales service

The warranty period is one year after the equipment is shipped to the buyer. During the warranty period, no matter any parts are damaged, we will provide free services.
Lifetime tracking service and technical guidance, where more than one year warranty period of equipment, the replacement of damaged parts, only part costs and lifetime  maintenance.
Customized + long-term tracking services + door-to-door installation and commissioning + one-year warranty + life-long maintenance, we are responsible for what we do, our project can be prove.
The project address of high temperature heat pump chrysanthemum drying equipment designed and installed by Dryfree Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiyuan chrysanthemum planting professional cooperative of Jinggangshan city, which is the first farmer cooperative mainly planting chrysanthemum industry. It has been running efficiently for two years. The drying room is made of thermal insulation extruded plate, which is firm and thermal insulation.

With the development of energy saving and emission reduction in China, air-powered heat pump, as a new energy industry supported by the state, is well received by the industry. In addition to chrysanthemum drying with the Dryfree high temperature heat pump dryer is also used in lonicerae, chrysanthemum, rhubarb, miltiorrhiza, ginseng and other traditional Chinese medicine drying; Dried dates, dried fruit, vegetables, mushroom, sweet potato, corn, coconut, areca, agaric etc. Dried squid, fish fillet, sea cucumber, abalone and other seafood.