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Drying of Honeysuckle by drying technology

The best time for drying honeysuckle are generally in the second green stage and the third green stage.Dryfree’s honeysuckle drying oven can dry 800kg of honeysuckle each time.

Honeysuckle drying2
Honeysuckle drying1
Honeysuckle drying5

In the drying room, the initial temperature is generally 40-45 ℃.After drying 3-4 hours, the color of honeysuckle will be fixing or setting.And then raise up the temperature to 50-60℃ until end of the drying. The completely drying time usually takes 24 hours. In the drying process, good humidity should be mastered, and the temperature should not be raised or lowered abruptly. Over-rapid heating may lead to quick drying and honeysuckle discoloration. Too low will affect the drying capacity. Humidity will be automatically discharged by the dehumidification window.

After drying, take out honeysuckle and cool it at natural environment for 5-10 minutes. After heat dissipation, pack it in bags for sale. The best color for drying honeysuckle is light blue and hand rubbed into powder.

Honeysuckle drying3
Honeysuckle drying4