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The ginger is relatively mild, its medicine can slowly infiltrate "inside", that is, the visceral disease, so the influence on the spleen is greater. The combination of cold and heat of dried ginger and ginger has the effect of warming and dispersing cold, clearing the veins, dampening and dissipating phlegm, warming the lungs, resolving phlegm, and treating the cold pain of the abdomen and stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, cold limbs, warm kidneys, and pain relief. Because of the humidity in summer, many people will suffer from dampness, sleepiness, insomnia, depression, lazy speech and other symptoms.

At this time, you can properly take ginger to regulate it. And it is best to choose mild dried ginger. Some people eat greasy supplements to improve their immunity, such as Guyuan ointment, dried longan , cooked land, and so on. At this time, it is also best Just like the transpiration of trees, if you don't give enough sunlight, you can't drink water, and the whole striae can't reach it, so you need ginger to warm up from medium to scorch. Workers who are often sleepy in summer, can buy some dried ginger and black tea brewing, often drink this ginger tea can refresh the stomach, adjust sub-health is also good.

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Advantage of our ginger drying machine

Drying is an extremely important process in ginger processing, and it is also the most energy-consuming stage. The traditional ginger drying is mostly roasted by coal-fired steam boiler, which is polluted and expensive to manage. With the popularization of low-carbon energy-saving trend, it is very urgent to study a new type of ginger drying model. The development of a new energy-efficient drying equipment has become a trend. Therefore, our company successfully developed a new ginger drying equipment-heat pump ginger dryer.

Compared with traditional drying, heat pump drying has remarkable energy saving effect, and the drying quality of drying materials is better, especially suitable for drying sensitive and volatile products. At the same time, intelligent control technology is used in the whole process of heat pump drying, which saves a lot of labor cost, time and labor.

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Ginger drying process

The single batch weight of ginger drying is large. After washing, slicing machine is used to slice ginger, thickness is about 4-5 mm, then it is loaded into material tray and pushed into drying room.

The processing technology of dehydrated ginger tablets includes material selection, cleaning, washing, slicing, selection, packaging, etc.
1.Material selection: ginger raw material for dehydration must be fat, big, and healthy ginger without tender bud. Attention should be paid to ventilation in storage of raw materials, especially to antifreeze and heat release.
2.Cleaning: separate according to the main ginger stack, remove the mud, peel off the fibrous root, epidermis and metamorphic part. When peeling, do not scrape into the meat layer, otherwise dehydration will expose the ginger fiber into the fibrous root shape, affecting the quality.
3.Soaking: pour the ginger after peeling into the ginger washing machine to wash the puddle, then use the knife to remove the skin and the spoilage part, and then rinse with flowing water three times.
4.Slicing: slice thickness is generally about 4--5mm. The requirement is to follow the silk slice, thickness is basically uniform.
5.Dehydration: sliced ginger immediately evenly spread into the screen,Finished product selection: after drying the finished product should be selected in time, remove the bad, discolored and grayish brown ginger and debris, especially the impurity must be strictly removed. Packing the qualified product in plastic bag, seal the mouth, and then pack it into carton.
6.Quality requirements: product texture, section neat, do not reveal fiber, spicy, full, smooth surface, frost powder thick and even

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