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How to drying mushroom?

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Function and efficacy of mushrooms:

Improve the body's immunity. The active ingredients of mushroom can enhance the function of T lymphocyte, thus improving the immune function of the body against various diseases.

Low calorie:Nutrition in mushrooms contributes to heart health and boosts immunity. The calorie profile of mushrooms is only 20 calories per meal, which is much less than eating New Year's Cake and other calories. It is a good diet food.Mushroom has strong antioxidant ability, which can effectively delay aging.

The protein content of mushrooms is more than 30%, which is much higher than that of vegetables and fruits. It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. Most importantly, it also contains eight essential amino acids which the human body cannot synthesize.

Fresh mushroom drying is very fastidious, is a special technology, processing enterprises often spend high wages to hire mushroom drying technicians. For mushroom farmers, it is also very necessary to master drying technology.


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1.Some Raw Materials Of Fresh Mushrooms
2.Pallet For Drying Vehicle
3.A Set Of Mushrooms Dryer


1.Collection method: 1 day before harvest no watering, timely harvest. Thick mushrooms should be harvested in the 4 or 5 maturation, the general harvest should not exceed 80%. When collecting, the mushroom membrane should be ruptured naturally, the lid of the mushroom had not opened an umbrella, the edge of the mushroom was curled up, and there was no pathological change and no abnormal mushroom body. When collecting, gently pinch the handle with your fingers, do not touch the fold, light hold light release, the backlog must not be too thick. When handling or placing bamboo baskets, avoid press deformation or breakage.
2.Pretreatment: cut off mushroom root and leave mushroom stem 1~2 centimeters long. First pick out mushrooms, thick mushrooms, thin mushrooms, and then according to the varieties and sizes are divided into the plate, in the sun for 2~3 hours, so as to remove some moisture. When the tray is placed, the cover should be raised upward, the stalk should be placed downward and put evenly in place, so that it can not be overloaded, so as to prevent the mushroom from affecting the quality. Letinous edodes must be baked within 6 hours after harvest. If refrigerated conditions are available, the storage time can be extended properly.
3.Put it in the drying room to dry: place the mushrooms on the grill and put them on the baking rack. Put them into the drying room for baking. Large and thick and high moisture content should be placed in the upper layer, small and thin and low water content in the lower layer. Generally put 8-10 floor. If placed too much, it is easy to make the upper, middle and lower layers of the material heating temperature uneven. The spacing of each layer shall be 30 cm.
4.Temperature control: when the drying room temperature rises to 35℃, lentinus edodes can be dried in the room. Two wet bulb thermometers should be hung near the window. When drying must first low temperature, then gradually raise the temperature. Usually, the temperature should be increased 1-3℃ for 1 hour, and the maximum temperature should be controlled at 80 ℃. It is generally required to bake at 35℃-40℃ for 6 hours,40℃-60℃ for 8-10 hours , and at 60℃ for 2 hours. The higher the moisture content of Lentinus edodes, the longer it takes to bake at low temperature. If the temperature rises suddenly at the beginning of baking, it will cause the tissue to lose water too quickly, which will easily make the lid of Lentinus edodes deform unrounded and fold. Inverted, the cover crack, black color, destroy the enzyme activity, make mushroom lose its original flavor. Lentinus edodes should be bake continuously until dry, the heating can not be interrupted, and the temperature can not be ignored. Otherwise, the color of Lentinus edodes will turn black and the quality will decline.
5. Dehumidification: in the drying process, in addition to the need to strictly control the heating temperature, timely dehumidification is also an important link.
6. Ventilation: in order to regulate the indoor temperature and ensure the hot air circulation in the drying room, it must be ventilated to the room at any time. Therefore, there should be 20 × 20 cm ventilation holes in the lower part of the oven. If air supply is not smooth, blower should be installed. Air sent to the drying room had better be cleaned up first.
7. Quality check: when baking to 16 ℃ for 18 hours, can open the door of drying room to check the dry degree of lentinus edodes. When testing, press the hand finger pressure on the junction between the bacterial cap and the handle, if only show traces, that dry qualified; if the hand feel soft, bacteria fold also soft, then also need to continue drying.
8. The characteristics of qualified drying products are: special flavor of Lentinus edodes; yellow, upright, intact, not inverted; moisture content of mushroom body is not more than 13; Lentinus edodes keep the original shape, the bacteria cover round flat, keep natural color.

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Matters need attention:
1.Mushroom drying after picking attention to spread out in time, otherwise easy to rot mushrooms.
2.When drying the swinging plate, pay attention to the mushroom cover down, mushrooms will shrink more beautiful.