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Fresh cabbage, boiled, and then centrifuged to centrifuge a part of the water, dried and placed in a heat pump vegetable drying equipment to dry at 55 ° C for 15 hours, you can reach the standard of dried vegetables.

Heat pump vegetable drying equipment is used for drying and sterilizing vegetables. The drying speed is fast, the sterilization effect is good, the quality of the dried products is good, and the products after drying are bright and delicious.


Advantages of heat pump vegetable drying equipment:

1. The equipment adopts low temperature circulation regulation heating and heating, which is beneficial to retain the active ingredients and non-decomposable components in the material, and has a good original drying effect.

2. Heat pump vegetable drying equipment uses environmentally friendly air energy, only need to use a small amount of electrical energy to absorb a large amount of heat in the air, drive the compressor to do work to achieve the purpose of heating room drying, energy saving effect is very significant, is other energy saving More than 3 times the product.

3. The hot air circulation system is adopted, and no waste water and waste gas slag is discharged during the drying process, which is green and environmentally friendly, and the working environment is good.

4. Heat pump vegetable drying equipment drying control at a certain temperature, humidity and wind speed to ensure that the material in the drying process, the composition does not change, maintain the natural color of the material, bright color, beautiful, dried fruit, high vegetable grade .

5. The unit automatically adjusts the drying time and temperature according to the requirements of the multi-temperature section drying process, and the temperature and humidity curve program is intelligently controlled.

6. Heat pump vegetable drying equipment time-programming, can be medium temperature high temperature drying, cold drying, constant temperature dehumidification drying, to meet the different drying requirements of various industries.


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