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Do your scallions always seem to turn limp and slimy before you get around to using them? The way you're storing them is the likely culprit. If you switch the methods of storing scallions, you'll find that they'll last days longer allowing you to avoid food waste, and ultimately, avoid wasting your grocery money, too.

Whether you grew your own bumper crop or found a great deal at the super market, you now have an abundance of scallions. One good method of storing them is by drying. Dried scallions can be stored in a small space and used as needed. This is a page about drying scallions.

Scallions may seem like one of those foods that do not seem worth dehydrating….but think again! You can do something amazing with them to make them more versatile in your PREPared kitchen!

scallions drying1

Advantages of Dryfree scallions dehydrator:

Closed cycle drying, no pollution to the atmosphere and surrounding environment, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

Conveyor belt material transportation can realize bulk material drying.

Quick drying, good effect and significant energy saving.

High pressure electric field sterilization.

Fully automatic operation, no need for manual supervision.

Batch continuous and automatic drying.

Quickly drying to reduce material moisture content.

Modular unit, small occupation area, easy to adjust equipment operation position.

No infrastructure required.

scallions drying2