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How to Dry Turnips in a Dehydrator

Turnip drying1
Turnip drying2
Turnip drying3

The traditional processing of Dried turnip 

Turnips are cleaned before solarization. Then the turnips are mixed with salt and put them into a jar with a big rock upon them. One week later, turnips are taken out and dried in the sun again. Then the turnips are squeezed until no water can be squeezed. Next, turnips should are soaked in boiling brine. The turnips are again squeezed and dried in the sun until they become golden yellow. The last procedure is to put turnips into a clean jar. Half a year later, they can be tasted.


The starting of the drying is same as traditional processing,the difference is the below drying step.

1.Arrange the blanched turnip slices on the trays of dehydrator, taking care to leave 1/2-inch of space on all sides between slices.

2.Put the turnip-loaded trays into the dehydrator.

3.Turn off the dehydrator and take out the trays. 

Turnip drying4
Turnip drying5