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Day lily drying process

1. Pick fresh daylily, choose to pick it before opening the flower. The picking time is 6-8-10 every day. When picking, pay attention to the direct break of the lower root of the flower to preserve the integrity of the whole flower. .

2. Freshly picked daylily contains colchicine, which is oxidized into colchicine after it enters the human body. This is a highly toxic substance that strongly stimulates the stomach and respiratory system. Therefore, the day lily should be cooked at a high temperature before drying to remove the narcissus.

3. Evenly spread the high-temperature steamed daylilies into the material car, pay attention to the uniform thickness, each layer does not exceed 3CM.

4. Push the material cart placed in the day lily into the drying room, set the drying period, temperature, moisture discharge, and start the equipment for drying.

5. After drying, the golden daylily is dried and can be packaged.

Daylily drying2
Daylily drying3
Daylily drying6

The day lily heat pump dryer is a new energy and environmental protection equipment that utilizes snow species to absorb air heat for transfer and transportation. The processed daylily contains no sulfur and has good quality.

Daylily drying1
Daylily drying5
Daylily drying4

The drying temperature setting of daylily:

After the greening, the water evaporation of the daylily is relatively fast. In the early stage of drying, the air in the drying room needs to be rapidly heated. The starting point of the set temperature is 50 degrees, and the dehumidification is closed for 1 hour.

When the temperature is raised, the dehumidification mode is started quickly, and the humidity is controlled. The relative humidity ratio is set to 55%, the internal fan is started, and the temperature is up, set to 55 degrees for 8 hours.

When the dryer starts to drain, pay attention to the ratio of water flow and relative humidity, continue to heat up, and the temperature rises to 60 degrees for 5 hours.

In the final drying process, it is necessary to pay attention to the degree of drainage and drying of daylily. According to the drying condition, the temperature can be further increased, and then dried for about 4 hours, and then the whole drying process is finished.


Process advantages of Dryfree day lily heat pump dryer

1. High degree of intelligence: centralized control of the entire production line, high degree of automation, efficient production line, energy saving and environmental protection. The parameters of each link of the production process are controllable and adjustable, which is convenient for production management;

2. The equipment runs stably: the production line equipment runs stably, the front and rear connections are smooth, and the production efficiency is high. All equipments are advanced, practical, reliable and safe. The main equipments and components are selected from the famous brand or high-quality brand-name products of the national designated production plants, and the service life is long, ensuring that the production work can be escorted;

3, the product quality is high: the product is green and natural, without any pollution, without any additives;

4, the site layout is reasonable: the overall layout design of the production line comprehensively considers the rationality of the production process and public works, equipment layout and site coordination, tidy, beautiful, easy to operate, maintain and repair.

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