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With the continuous development of the economy, corn dryers came into being, which brought great convenience to people's production in the development of the grain industry. The application of corn dryers reduces the cost of energy.


The biggest advantage of the corn dryer is that it consumes ultra-low energy and greatly improves the economic benefits. At the same time, it can also protect the environment and reduce the damage of the drying powder to the surrounding environment. The corn dryer adopts the principle of material balance and heat balance, retains the external simplified static insulation, and the internal heat exchange device is designed and installed to adapt to the high-yield and high-efficiency heat exchange device of materials with different properties, and the anti-blocking vibration distributing device of the corn dryer is respectively adopted. , vibration flow regulating device, rotating material crushing device, internal and external annular air inlet device, etc., completely solve the clogging problem; secondly, secondary hot air technology and structure; in the drying detection system through the pre-tropical, drying belt, drying belt On-line detection of material moisture and gas temperature in three areas, automatic balance control of material, wind, coal, and system heating capacity, air volume, secondary hot air distribution and heating capacity, material interception and residence time The system parameters are adjusted online to achieve dynamic optimization of the process parameters of the system and improve the utilization of the system thermal energy.


The corn dryer is very convenient to use and brings a lot of convenience to people. The small corn dryer produced by our company adopts the reverse flow tower internal circulation structure, the overall modular structure, easy to disassemble and transport, small footprint, good drying quality, low labor operation intensity, low equipment cost and compact structure. Low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency and low land occupation.


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