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Drying process of dendrobium drying

Dendrobium belongs to orchids, including Dendrobium candidum, Dendrobium nobile, drumsticks Dendrobium, Dendrobium Mount Holyoke, and so on.Among them, dendrobium dendrobium has the highest medical value, and its pharmacodynamic components are dendrobium polysaccharide, dendrobium base and total amino acids, which mainly have the functions of nourishing Yin jin, nourishing spleen and stomach, protecting liver and gallbladder, strengthening muscle and bone, reducing blood glucose, enhancing constitution and inhibiting tumor, etc.Therefore, it is praised as "thousand gold grass".Dendrobium has high health care efficiency but low yield. Moreover, fresh dendrobium dendrobium cannot be preserved for long.The process of processing dendrobium  into maple hopper and how to use dendrobium dryer to improve efficiency are discussed.

The processing procedure of dendrobium :

1.Although dendrobium can be harvested all year round, it is the best harvest period of dendrobium from November to April. Considering the vitamins and medicinal ingredients, the stem of  dendrobium which has grown for about 2-3 years is suitable for harvesting, and then pruning and removing the excess root, leaf tip and inflorescence residue on the stem.

2.In the industry, the processed golden yellow and one-inch long stem of dendrobium is called "inch gold", and the finished product of dendrobium , which is golden yellow and curled in a spiral or spring shape after drying, is called maple bucket.

In processing, in order to make the fresh dendrobium dendrobium with high water content and straight strips easy to curl, or to take some pains, the first step is to fry or bake at low temperature, and then slightly even hand rub, remove some of the moisture in fresh strips, so that it slowly becomes soft.


3.After being rubbed, dendrobium candidum strips are dried for three days or roasted at low temperature to continue to soften them.And than by manual winding and hoop.

4.Some such as Mount Holyoke Dendrobium, first use of stainless steel wire coiling, drying and shaping after cut section.The Dendrobium being shaped is placed on the material frame.


5.The use of Dendrobium dryer, setting temperature range for middle and high temperature, temperature setting 70~75 degrees, Dendrobium drying process according to size, general Dendrobium drying time for 4-5 days to complete a batch, 1 days after baking need to stop 3 to 5 hours, and then continue to dry, so repeat, in fact it will save power. When the internal moisture of Dendrobium is transmitted to the outer layer for re drying, drying until the water content of the maple is within 8%, the color is golden yellow, generally speaking, 5kg of Dendrobium is dried only a catty of maple.

6.Look at the appearance of the newly dried maple dendrobium and that of the pharmacy, is there any difference? Yes, after the drying of the dendrobium dendrobium there is still some dressing, which is called the outside of the maple dendrobium pulling or polishing treatment, after the treatment, it is indeed more delicate and beautiful, isn’t it?

7.Dendrobium is a very strong plant, if not treated stem, when the humidity is high enough to germinate.

Therefore, the processing of dendrobium into maple hopper is not only delicate, but also destroys the surface cuticle in the process of processing, so dendrobium  will not germinate again.

Just pay attention to the purchase of dendrobium to avoid light seal preservation, effective protection of its nutrients can be.