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Drying of poria cocos by drying Technology

The traditional drying of poria cocos usually uses sulfur fumigation method, but now with the improvement of people's living standard, the national safety standard of food and medicine is higher and higher. Today we'd like to share the latest new energy poria cocos drying methods and steps.

Processing steps of poria cocos

The fresh poria cocos are heated and steamed to remove some moisture to prepare for the next step.

Because the appearance of poria cocos irregular, through skin removal, excision of the epidermis, then regular slice.

Place the sliced poria cocos on the material trays and put them in the trolleys, and then push the trolleys in the air source heat pump drying room.

After setting the drying parameters of 4-6 stage of equipment, starting drying. 8-10 hours later, poria cocos dehydrated to 15%, the material trays were pushed out to the drying room, and the product drying was finished.