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Drying process of hazelnut drying

Hazelnut, also known as mountain chestnut, has the “king of nuts” reputation. Hazelnut fruit taste good, rich nutrition, its kernel oil content 47 ~ 68%, protein 23%, fat 56 ~ 65%, starch 6.6%, also contains vitamins A, B, E and iron, calcium and other mineral elements. Hazelnut is twice as nutritious as bread and 1.5 times as nutritious as pork. It can be used in candy, medicine and spice manufacturing industry. The preparation extracted from hazelnut can reduce inflammation, prevent corrosion and dilate blood vessels.

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Drying process steps of hazelnut:

Pick with bud hazelnut, accumulation of fermentation for 1 ~ 2 days, with a rod knocked shell, remove miscellaneous, dry that is the commodity hazelnut.

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1. Fermentation: pile the collected hazelnuts and ferment for 1-2 days.

2, take off the bud: heap fermentation, with a wooden rod percussion, to take off the bud;

3, in addition to miscellaneous: fruit bud fragments and other miscellaneous, to meet the requirements of commodity hazelnut;

4, drying: hazelnut drying temperature generally not more than 45℃, drink hazelnut moisture content is different, drying time is also different general 8-30 hours.

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Hazelnut heat pump dryer product features:   

(1) Easy to use, safe, environmental protection: drying room does not contact with electricity, no danger of electric contact, using a small amount of electricity as the driving energy without any pollution, than electricity direct heating/boiler equipment, saving more than 60%.

(2) Good drying effect, wise drying heat pump drying room adopts PLC (display) the eighth generation of circuit board controller, the temperature, the humidity follow one’s inclinations effective grasp different material drying temperature, humidity, drying time, make the high demand of food and agricultural and sideline products looks beautiful, appearance beautiful, keep food original taste, keep: product color, the effect of nutrition, flavor and organization! Increase the added value of products.

(3) High efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost. Prospect of high temperature heat pump drying technology heat pump drying technology has the advantages of less energy consumption, less environmental pollution, high drying quality, wide application range, etc. Its excellent energy-saving effect has been proved by various experimental research institutes at home and abroad.

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