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Beef Drying


Most fresh meat can be made into jerky meat. The common ones are beef jerky, mutton jerky, pork jerky, chicken breast jerky, fish jerky, rabbit meat jerky, duck jerky, salmon dried meat, etc., because after fresh meat is processed into dried meat, its internal water activity is extremely low. Most bacteria can not survive, but different seasoning dried meat has different levels of taste and is very easy to store and carry, eat conveniently. Thus, making fresh meat into delicious dried meat is a wise way to sum up people's lives. The methods of making dried meat vary with different regions or raw materials, but the basic procedure is the same. This paper introduces the steps of making beef jerky and the drying of beef.


Processing of beef jerky

Beef jerky has different flavor characteristics, such as Spicy Roast Beef dried, Curry Beef dried, spicy beef jerky and so on. There are different seasoning methods, but the processing technology of beef jerky itself is much the same.That is: the selection of raw materials, cooking, slicing, dipping, drying this several procedures.Material selection: the meat with compact meat and more lean parts, such as fresh leg meat as raw material,such as frozen meat, need to be thawed in the thawing room, the temperature rises slowly to 2 ℃ and 4 ℃, in order to help the raw meat after thawing to maintain normal color and quality.


Cooking : the beef is spread in the boiling dish, the temperature is 85 degrees, and it can be boiled for 0.5-1 hours.
Cut: cut the beef into 3 cm wide and 1 cm thick, require meat without water, cut the fascia before cutting, pay attention to cutting beef along the direction of the meat fiber.
Dipping:according to taste requirements, add all kinds of seasoning, such as salt, soy sauce, sugar, five flavor powder, pepper powder, etc. The curing temperature was kept at 0 ℃ and 4 ℃. (depending on taste, you can mix different condiments to make five spices, salty dried, original taste, etc.)
Drying: after drying the beef, the general moisture content is about 35%.

Drying machine configuration
Heat pump unit + drying room
The drying trolley is 1.7 meters high, with two layers of hooks, the top layer hooks used to hang short beef meat, the bottom layer hooks used to hang long beef meat.
Drying drying technique


Beef dryer


Heat pump unit and drying room
Integrated drying and dehumidifying machine
DF/HP-12/SP 1 set
Drying room Size:1 set
8200*2750*2300MM / 5200*2750*2300MM
The hot air in the drying room adopts the left and right circulation

Notes on Beef drying
The drying of meat products is mostly dehydrated and is prone to spoilage, so the main point of control is to restrain bacteria and balance dehydration, and to adopt the hanging mode, so the circulation air is mostly through the flow.
Beef jerky dryer is also suitable for dried pork, chicken, fish, salmon and other meat products.

Beaf drying case presentation