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There are many types of bacon. The water and soil conditions of pigs in different places are different. The quality, water content and fat of pork are also different. Therefore, the drying technology of bacon is a real nerve-wracking knowledge. This set of drying system of Dryfree has accumulated many years of experience and many experiments to prove that the bacon drying room is completely feasible, and the dried bacon is more than the traditional drying hair color and pork nutritional value. A big breakthrough. In the process of drying, the bacon not only removes the moisture inside the material, but also preserves the sensory index of the color, fragrance, taste and shape of the material in the appearance, and ensures that the bacon after drying does not deteriorate in the future shelf life. No mold. Pork is a high-fat food, so it must be kept cold during the drying process to minimize the oxidation of fat to ensure a longer shelf life of the bacon. At the same time, the fully cured bacon absorbs a large amount of oil, salt and water, which requires a relatively accurate temperature and humidity during the drying process, and requires high requirements for the drying process.

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Traditional pork drying method:

1. Naturally cool the sun: Divide the slaughtered pork into fast, hang it up, choose the good weather and let it go outside and cool it naturally. At night, it will be taken back indoors. During the day, take out the outdoor according to the weather, so repeatedly until the meat Dry out. The result of such drying is that many bacons receive less sunlight due to shading, the color is not good-looking, and it is prone to mildew. The most important thing is that the fat is oxidized by airing, and the oxidized taste is not good, plus insects such as mosquitoes, dust and flies. To bite, resulting in poor sanitary conditions, not handled well in the later period, eating is easy to get sick.

2, the traditional coal-fired room drying: the pork that needs to be made into bacon is placed in the drying room after dripping in the sun, and there is a coal-fired tubular hot blast stove in the drying room for heating the air, using a blower The hot air is sent to the drying room, and the sausage is dehydrated and dried by convection heat exchange. Drying the bacon by this method, the product is polluted by coal ash and soot, and the drying cycle is long and the energy consumption is large. The bacon has to undergo many “turning bamboo” and “lifting cabinet”, the labor intensity is large, and the temperature and humidity of the drying process are difficult. Control, the quality of bacon is unstable, the temperature control is not good, the temperature is not uniform. The quality of the meat in the drying room is uneven. Some of them are dried, some are still full of water, and the people are not able to pay for their losses.


Dryfree drying system to dry pork

The air source heat pump absorbs the heat of the air and transfers it to the room, thereby improving the temperature of the drying room and cooperating with the corresponding equipment to achieve drying of the material. The heat pump dryer does not emit any gas during the drying process, does not pollute the environment, uses air to obtain heat, saves electricity, achieves natural drying, does not destroy the color and taste of the bacon; the temperature in the room is evenly heated during the drying process. The temperature gradient is uniform and the moisture is evenly distributed. The quality of the finished bacon is good, which is more advantageous than the price of ordinary drying in the market.

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