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Shrimps drying

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1.Magnesium is abundant in shrimp. Magnesium plays an important role in regulating heart activity and protecting cardiovascular system. It can reduce cholesterol content in blood, prevent arteriosclerosis, and expand coronary artery, which is beneficial to prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction.
2.Astaxanthin is contained in shrimp. Business nutritionists have confirmed that astaxanthin can cross the barrier from blood to brain, so astaxanthin can protect the brain, central nervous system and eyes.
3.Astaxanthin also has other benefits: improving physical endurance and reducing the risk of muscle damage; alleviating eye fatigue symptoms and improving visual sensitivity; reducing wrinkles through internal supplementation; alleviating symptoms of excessive pigmentation (commonly known as senile plaques); regulating cytokines, inhibiting gene expression of inflammatory cytokines and chemical factors; improving gastric health and alleviating Helicobacter pylori Infection or inflammation.
4.The shrimp skin has a sedative effect and is often used to treat neurosis and autonomic nervous dysfunction. And shrimp can provide the brain with nutritious delicious food, shrimp contains three important fatty acids, can make people stay focused for a long time.
5.Shrimp is fresh and tender, easy to digest, and rich in calcium, phosphorus and other essential minerals for children's growth and development. It can promote bone development, maintain body metabolism and promote brain development. Therefore, eating shrimp can promote children's growth and development.


1.Some Raw Materials Of Fresh Shrimp
2.Pallet For Drying Vehicle
3.A Set Of Shrimp Dryer

Shrimp drying process

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1.The first thing is to choose fresh and vigorous shrimp, so as to ensure that the dried shrimp is natural light color, lustrous, delicious meat, fragrant smell.
2.After cleaning and removing the sediment impurities, the prepared shrimp is boiled or steamed in time, sprinkled with salt, which accounts for 6-8% of the weight of the shrimp, and steamed in a time when the color of the shrimp changes from green to red. At this time, the shrimp is easier to shell.
3.Cooked shrimp can be dried with shells or shelled shrimps can be dried. After draining the boiled shrimp, it is evenly spread on the drying plate, loaded into the material truck, and then sent to the shrimp drying room.
4.According to different shrimp and river shrimp species, it is appropriate to set the temperature of the intelligent control system of the dryer at medium and high temperatures of 50 ~70 ~C for about 4 hours, with water content of 18%. In the drying process, a slightly larger circulating air volume and higher wind speed are generally required to avoid water vapor staying on the surface of dried shrimp. The control points are to inhibit the growth of bacteria and to maintain the color of dried shrimp and shrimp.
5.According to the above drying steps, the dried shrimp dried by the shrimp dryer is complete in shape, neat in appearance, natural in color, light yellow, light red and lustrous, full in flesh, bent in body, with unique natural fragrance.
6.The dried shrimp is cooled to room temperature to remove debris and packed in graded packages.