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sea cucumber drying

1.Sea cucumber is rich in more than 50 kinds of natural precious active substances, such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Among them, acid mucopolysaccharide and chondroitin can significantly reduce the amount of lipofuscin and proline in heart tissue and play a role in delaying aging. The 18 kinds of amino acids contained in sea cucumber can enhance the metabolic function of tissues and cell viability, which is suitable for adolescents in growth and development.

2.Sea cucumber can regulate the body's water balance, suitable for pregnant women with edema of legs and feet. Sea cucumber can eliminate fatigue, improve human immunity and enhance human resistance to disease, so it is very suitable for middle-aged women and men who are often in a fatigue state, susceptible to colds, weak elderly people and children and other sub-health groups.

3.Diabetic patients often eat sea cucumber. Acidic mucopolysaccharide from sea cucumber can reduce blood sugar activity and inhibit the occurrence of diabetes in vivo. It contains potassium, which plays an important role in insulin secretion. Vanadium can prevent and treat diabetes mellitus.

4.Sea cucumber is rich in acidic mucopolysaccharide and arginine, which has obvious function of body regulation and anti-fatigue. In addition, nicotinic acid, taurine, potassium, nickel and other nutrients in sea cucumber have the function of quickly eliminating fatigue and regulating nervous system.

5.Improving memory: Taking Black Jade Ginseng has a strong promoting effect on improving sleep and memory. The arginine content in sea cucumber is higher than that in other organisms, and it has a special effect on neurasthenia, so eating sea cucumber has a significant effect on improving sleep.

Sea cucumber drying process

sea cucumber drying1
sea cucumber drying2
sea cucumber drying3

1.Cleaning: Salvaged sea cucumbers should be timely intestinal shaving, the viscera of sea cucumbers all removed and cleaned.

2.Blanching at high temperature: In order to remove heavy metals from fresh sea cucumbers, the cleaned sea cucumbers need to be blanched at high temperature. When blanching, in order to fully retain the nutrients in sea cucumbers, the temperature should be controlled at 65-70 degrees Celsius for no more than 6 minutes.

3.Drainage water and put it in the tray.

4.Drying:The water content of sea cucumber should not exceed 15%. Not only the price is unreasonable, but also it is easy to deteriorate.

How to save?

1.Dried sea cucumbers can be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Because the flesh of sea cucumbers has dried up, the appearance is also covered with this layer of salt, the air will not be damaged.

2.Dried sea cucumber is preserved in a ventilated and dry place. Dry sea cucumber that meets the national standard can be preserved in a ventilated and cool place with a shelf life of more than 2 years.