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Dryfree has been a professional manufacturer of high temperature heat pump wood drying equipment, has unique insights and practical experience in wood drying, wood drying equipment development and design. In particular, a new type of wood drying equipment recently research and development - heat pump type wood dryer.

 The high temperature heat pump wood drying equipment project designed and installed by Dryfree.The redwoods are all imported from Vietnam. The entire drying room area is 80m3, and the structure of the drying room is made of heat-insulating extruded board, which is heat-insulating and durable. The control system adopts the Yongyong special temperature and humidity controller, which has realized unattended automatic operation. The heat source uses a high temperature heat pump air source dryer with an energy efficiency ratio of up to 3.2. It has the advantages of high temperature and low power consumption. Save you running costs. And the equipment has no three waste discharge waste water, waste, waste gas, is a set of environmentally friendly and energy-saving drying equipment.

dried wood

1.The application basis

Using the inverse Carnot principle, the compressor is operated by a small amount of electric energy, and the heat in the external environment is passed through the heat transfer medium in the pipeline, and the heat is released into the drying room through the heat exchange device. In the middle, there is a combination of hot air circulation and dehumidification system, and finally the continuous drying process of the dried product is realized.

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2.Equipment innovation

Since 1998, our company has developed and produced high-temperature heat pump drying system for nearly ten years. It has already obtained large-scale production and application in tobacco, edible fungi, fruit, wood, yuba, grain, Chinese herbal medicine and many other fields. The system has obtained a number of national invention patents. As China's power supply gradually reaches affluence, this technology has broad application prospects.

(1) Achieving a major breakthrough in the heating mode of baking equipment

The national invention patent has been obtained by using high-temperature heat pump heating drying method and technology. The high-temperature heat pump drying system itself consumes part of the electric energy (three-phase electricity). After the compressor works, it absorbs the energy in the environment through the phase change of the refrigerant, and transfers it to the baking room system through the heated hot air medium. The material is heated and dried. The high-temperature heat pump drying system has completely changed the demand for fuels such as coal and wood in traditional drying equipment, and completely uses electric energy for drying.

(2) Improve the quality of drying

The velvet oven drying system adopts a full-automatic temperature and humidity control system with a drying expert system and manual adjustment function. The circulating air fan is configured to force hot air circulation, the temperature and humidity in the baking room are even, and the ventilation and drainage are smooth, which is beneficial to improving the intrinsic quality and appearance quality of the material to be dried.

(3)The application of automatic temperature and humidity control system

It has developed large-scale integrated circuits and digital temperature and humidity controllers, built-in several baking expert systems, and has manual adjustment functions to ensure that different materials are changed according to the optimum process conditions at various stages of baking.

(4) Green, energy saving, environmental protection

The heat pump type barn does not generate waste gas, waste water and waste residue during the working process, and almost achieves zero emission index of baking. Generally, the ambient temperature is relatively high, the energy efficiency ratio (COP) of the heat pump system is relatively high, coupled with the heat recovery function of the heat pump drying system itself in the process of moisture removal, the COP can reach 1:3-4, operating energy consumption. Lower. In addition, the whole drying system uses a material with good thermal insulation effect as a box body, the sealing effect is good, the heat loss in the drying process is small, and energy consumption is saved. Therefore, the high temperature heat pump drying system has the characteristics of green, energy saving and environmental protection, and has significant social and environmental benefits.

(5)Significantly save labor input and reduce labor intensity

The heat pump type barn basically realizes automation, standardization and standardization in the work process, so there is no need for dedicated labor input, one person can guard multiple systems, greatly reduce labor input and reduce labor intensity.

wood drying equipment1

3.The application of equipment in other aspects

Yuba, wolfberry, sausage, dried fish, rice noodles, noodles, fragrant incense, Buddha incense, plate duck, chicken breast, lychee, longan, dried plum, grape, metal plated parts, plastic parts, electronic components, constant temperature, plum dried vegetables, Wild vegetables, mushrooms, red dates, walnuts, chestnuts, etc.


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