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Drying is a very important part of the rubber making process. Any natural rubber must be fully dried to accommodate transportation. Rubber dryers are very important equipment in rubber factories.

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Rubber is a substance that is quite sensitive to heat. It is easy to cause cross-linking or degradation of molecules when heated. Although the latex industry is a mature industry in Thailand and there are many latex processing plants in Thailand, the drying of rubber is used before. The traditional method of burning boilers not only has unstable drying quality, but also consumes large energy, is not environmentally friendly, and has low drying efficiency, and the drying operation is time consuming and laborious. The rubber dryer based on heat pump technology does not need to burn coal, does not use boiler, absorbs heat energy through compressed air, and the drying process realizes no waste water and pollutant emission, automatic drying operation, and improves rubber drying efficiency. Reduce fuel costs, labor costs, and time costs.

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Now many companies have already bid farewell to coal-fired boilers and started to use heat pump rubber dryers. The main reasons are as follows:

First, the rubber production area is suitable for using a heat pump rubber dryer. The heat source of the air energy heat pump rubber dryer is air. The temperature of the environment is very important for the drying, and the temperature of the rubber is not low. This determines the temperature of the drying equipment and the operation effect of the unit. Thermal efficiency and energy efficiency ratio are ideal. Because air acts as a drying medium, its temperature is high, the rubber moisture diffusion rate is also accelerated, and the drying speed is faster.

Second, the supervision of coal-fired boilers has become increasingly stringent. The rubber production process requires strict control of the standard coal consumption, control of the total coal power, speed up the replacement of electric energy and natural gas, and require the construction of a clean energy province to establish a green energy island. Continued coal-fired boilers will have policy risks.

Third, the solar heat pump rubber dryer can realize intelligent temperature control and dehumidification control. Dryfree learned that, combined with PLC control system and dedicated high temperature humidity probe, 10 stages control heating, cooling, dehumidification, auxiliary heat, humidity; according to the drying material custom drying program, can achieve no manual duty. The construction of rubber drying room uses polyurethane plate. The fan system should use professional high temperature and high humidity fans. The control system strictly controls the temperature and humidity, and the quality of each batch is stable.

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The rubber drying process is also the process of moisture transfer and heat transfer. The main factors determining this process depend on the characteristics of the rubber and the drying conditions. The drying conditions mainly include environmental temperature, air humidity, wind speed, air volume, rubber surface area, and performance material of the equipment. Heat pump rubber dryer is an alternative route for the upgrading and upgrading of coal-fired boilers in the rubber industry.


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