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Guizhou Furuisi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd promoting the rural area

Rural revitalization is an important policy put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 19th Party Congress on October 18, 2017.


Rural revitalization strategy regards agriculture, countryside and farmers as the most important task. Through the reform of agricultural supply structure, we should strengthen the leading force, create brand, take farmers, improve the environment of residents, strengthen the control of rural pollution sources, promote rural employment and increase farmers’ income. The direction of Rural Revitalization is to develop in the direction of economy, efficiency, product safety, resource conservation, environment friendliness, rich peasants and beautiful countryside. The introduction of this policy will undoubtedly lead to the rapid development of the rural economy and the peasants to live and work in peace and contentment. But there is a saying like this: “The future is bright, the road is tortuous.” How to improve the economic value of agricultural by-products, protect the environment, save resources and promote the development of Rural Revitalization is a problem that needs to be considered.


At present, under the guidance of technology, farmers grow a large number of agricultural products and get a sense of joy of harvest. However, due to the restrictions of environment, geographical climate, transportation, storage, processing and other factors, many agricultural products have short shelf life, Limited sales time, or even mass destruction; this not only causes environmental pollution and waste of resources, but also makes farmers feel more worried, completely deviating from the original intention of the Rural Revitalization strategy. The implementation of Rural Revitalization strategy, how to save resources, improve the added value of agricultural and sideline products and protect the environment, has become particularly important.

Depending on scientific and technological innovation, Guizhou Furuisi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a series of high temperature heat pump units for drying agricultural by-products, which greatly improves the added value of agricultural products. Drying is the most effective way to increase the added value of agricultural products. The drying principle of the heat pump unit of Furuisi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is heat pump drying (a kind of mild and natural drying).


Post time: Feb-22-2019