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Guizhou Dryfree Household Multi-function High Temperature Heat Pump Drying Machine “Amazin

On September 16, China (Xingren) Job tears Exposition opened in Xingren, Guizhou Province, The 2018 China Job tears Brand International Forum and Trade Fair opened in Xingren.

Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee Zuo Dingchao,Deputy Secretary-General of Provincial Government Xiang Changquan,President of Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences Wu Dahua, Secretary of Xingren County Party Committee Fang Jun,Agricultural Counsellor of EU Embassy in China Deng Like,President of Royal Agricultural University of Cambodia Wu Boen,Minister of Agriculture, French Embassy in China Bai Fengshuo and local leaders more than 400 entrepreneurs and nearly 600 guests attended the opening ceremony.


Job’s tears has a long history of cultivation in China, and it is one of the oldest food and medicine crops in China. Because of its high nutritional value, Job’s tears is known as the “King of Gramineae Plants in the World” and “Gramineae of Life and Health”. In many countries, Job’s tears is classified as anti-cancer food, so its value has doubled. In 2017, the planting area and output of Job’s tears in Guizhou Province ranked first in the whole country, accounting for about 2/3 of the total output; Xingren Job’s tears was approved as a product protected by national geographical indications, and Xingren County has become the largest distribution center of Job’s tears planting, processing and marketing in the whole country and even in Southeast Asia. It is no exaggeration to say that “Job’s tears in Southeast Asia looks at China”, “Job’s tears in China looks at Guizhou”, “Job’s tears in Guizhou looks at Xingren”.


The food with Job’s tears as raw material at the exposition was praised by everyone and bought in competition. As the only manufacturer of air-energy heat pump drying equipment designated by the Expo, Guizhou Dryfree New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has the privilege to participate in it.


Guizhou Dryfree New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Dongguan Dryfree Group. Dongguan Dryfree Group was established in 2002, mainly engaged in the production of high temperature heat pump units, environmental protection and energy saving projects. It is the first industrialized operation enterprise to develop high temperature heat pump. It has independent intellectual property rights and brand. It integrates R&D, innovation, system integration, provides technical consultation, scheme design, equipment installation, professional, perfect and systematic customized service for customers.

The company’s main products are: (1) high temperature heat pump series drying units; (2) high temperature heat pump series hot water units; (3) high efficiency dehumidification units; (4) high temperature heat pump steam units; (5) heat pump microwave combined drying equipment; (6) heat pump low temperature sludge drying equipment; (7) high temperature solar energy equipment system. The product series is very perfect, flexible product mix mode can meet different energy-saving technical and also can well meet customer production process requirements. In 16 years, the company has installed 5,000 large and small projects in the national and Southeast Asian markets. It has the capability of system integration, system design, system installation and system debugging for large-scale projects.

The company is market-oriented, has a strong R&D team, R&D technicians accounted for more than 30% of the company’s personnel. The company has 30 patents for invention . The company’s annual investment in R&D is increasing, and its products are constantly innovating and improving.

In response to 《Decision of the State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Winning the Strong Battle against Poverty》, 《the National Plan for the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Strong Fighting against Poverty》, 《The Decision of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government on Firmly Winning the Strong Battle of Poverty Alleviation and Ensuring the Construction of a Well-off Society in an All-round and Synchronized Way》, and in order to facilitate the implementation of the “Spring Wind Action” plan in New District, and the establishment of Guizhou subsidiary – Guizhou Dryfree New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to producing new energy, high temperature heat pump and environmental protection equipment, the subsidiary company has successfully developed 5.0 intelligent agricultural traceability data platform, which provides soil, air, planting and rough processing standards for enterprises, cooperatives and farmers, and establishes traceability system for traditional Chinese medicines and agricultural products; improves the added value of agricultural products of Guizhou planting enterprises, cooperatives and farmers, and solves the problem of agricultural products. Short storage time, unsalable sales and other issues; in-depth promotion of the rural industrial revolution to ensure agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ income. In order to complete the thirteenth five-year plan of poverty alleviation in Guizhou Province, We should make more efforts.

As a special guest, Guizhou Dryfree New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited a small multi-functional heat pump dryer for domestic use, which was designed by all the research and development backbone in response to the national promotion policy of benefiting farmers in 2015 and is suitable for civilian use and “affordable” for farmers. The product is directly facing the drying market of small and medium-sized users and small batches of materials, popularizing industrial drying technology to the degree of civilian use, and immediately becomes the preferred alternative to conventional energy drying equipment for the majority of drying users. Many leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and co-operatives at the exhibition site have come to Guizhou Dryfree Hall to have a cordial conversation with Ms. Zhang Yu, the chairman of Dryfree. After thoroughly understanding the functions of the household multi-functional high temperature heat pump drying machine, they highly praise the multi-functional household integrated machine developed by Guizhou Dryfree New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which just solved many enterprises, co-operatives, etc. Farmers how to turn fresh products into semi-finished products through environmental protection, ecological pollution-free drying, improve the added value of products, so high-quality products should be vigorously promoted. The advantages of household multi-function high temperature heat pump dryer are mainly as follows.

1. Suitable for household use: 220V direct power supply, non-industrial power supply, household use;

2. Energy saving: Compared with conventional drying, energy saving is 70%-80%. The energy saving effect is remarkable and the economic benefit is obvious.

3. Low-carbon environmental protection: using clean energy, no waste water, waste gas and waste residue are discharged in the drying process, which conforms to the national environmental protection policy;

4. Improving quality: Optimizing design, stable drying air flow, good drying products and high quality;

5. Automatic control: integrated control system, man-machine interface, automatic control, unattended;

6. Convenience: Integrated design, plug-in can be used without installation;

7. Multi-purpose: The cold air discharged from the equipment can be used as air conditioning;

8. Wide applicability: agricultural by-products, traditional Chinese medicine, meat products, industrial products, seafood and other products can be used;

In this exhibition, we have gained a lot. Many participating enterprises consulted on the spot and signed the purchase contract of the household multi-functional high temperature heat pump dryer. Before the end of the exhibition, Mr.Liu, chairman of Hongyuan Eco-Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Xingren County, invited us back to the enterprise. At the same time, many Job tears planting enterprises came to the exhibition hall and talked with Zhang Yu’s chairman about the “pain point” of their enterprises. In the past, they used the “traditional” method to dry and process Job tears. When they were small, they dried Job tears depending on the weather for food. With the increase of the scale, they could only use firewood or coal to dry Job tears, which not only affected the quality of the finished products, but also polluted the environment. Many enterprises and cooperatives invite Chairman Zhang Yu to visit their enterprises and customize the drying equipment of the air-energy heat pump for the enterprises. In addition to the household multi-function high temperature heat pump dryer, another masterpiece of Dongguan Dryfree is the steam instead of coal-fired boiler developed in cooperation with the South China Power Grid, which is the first national initiative. As a pilot project, Qujing Yunnan Fuel Plant No. 1 succeeded in reducing the cost of coal-fired boiler to 90,000 yuan per month, and reducing the manual labor from 28 to one person, greatly reducing the cost of coal-fired boiler to 90,000 yuan per month. The cost of human resources. The innovation of this technology has overturned the traditional coal-fired boilers. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also more effective in saving costs for enterprises, eliminating the dangers brought by traditional coal-fired boilers, and truly achieving energy-saving, environmental protection, pollution-free and safe production. Guizhou Dryfree New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes entrepreneurs to the company and the pilot visit, discussion and cooperation.


Post time: Feb-22-2019