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Rose drying and cell liquid recovery machine bring greater benefits to users

The Dryfree rose dryer can not only dry roses, but also recover rose cell fluid. Roses baked with this dryer not only have bright colors and incomparable floral fragrance, but also have an extremely high recovery rate of cell fluid in the industry. It is worth noting that in order to save costs (since the 304 stainless steel evaporator is several times the cost of the copper and aluminum evaporator), copper and aluminum fins are used as the evaporator of the dryer, but because the cell fluid is used for female compatriots. Beauty, moisturizing, heavy metal exceeding the standard is a fatal blow to the face of our female compatriots (the original meaning of heavy metal refers to metals with a specific gravity greater than 5, including gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, etc.) Heavy metals accumulate in the human body to a certain degree , Will cause chronic poisoning of Dryfree rose dryer, there are a lot of cases in Shandong Tianyuan Rose, which can be used by new and old customers for reference


Post time: Jun-01-2020