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Efficient and energy-saving ginger dryer

Eating radish in winter and ginger in summer, without the need for doctors to prescribe a prescription, this is a Chinese folk recipe that is popular among the domestic public. As a functional health care product, ginger is deeply loved by consumers through processing into different types of dried ginger slices and ginger powder. In the processing process, drying is an extremely important process in ginger processing, and it is also a stage that consumes a lot of energy. Traditional ginger drying is mostly baked in coal-fired steam boilers, which causes great pollution and high management costs. With the promotion of low-carbon energy-saving trends, the ginger dryer developed by Dryfree uses heat pump drying technology, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.

The traditional 10,000-ton ginger drying line burns approximately 2769 tons of coal annually. The annual operating cost of the light-drying section is about 2.8 million yuan. It also generates a large amount of polluting gases and is gradually subject to strict national control. Compared with traditional drying, Dryfree heat pump drying has a significant energy saving effect, and the drying quality of dried materials is better maintained. It is especially suitable for drying sensitive and volatile products and improves the quality of materials. The whole heat pump drying process of the ginger dryer adopts intelligent control technology and has a variety of drying process curves, which saves a lot of manpower costs, saves time and labor.


Ginger dryer, ginger slice dryer-heat pump dryer performance characteristics:

1. Convenient installation: easy installation and demolition, less floor space, can be installed indoors and outdoors;

2. Efficient and energy-saving: Only a small amount of electrical energy can be consumed to absorb a large amount of heat in the air, and the power consumption is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the heater; compared with coal, oil and gas drying equipment , Can save about 75% of operating costs. 1 kWh is equal to 4 kWh.

3. Environmental protection and no pollution: without any combustion and emissions, it fully meets food hygiene standards and is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

4. Safe and reliable operation: The entire system operates without the dangers of flammability, explosive, poisoning, short circuit, etc. that may exist in the traditional dryer (fuel oil, gas or electric heating), and is a very safe and reliable fully enclosed drying system.

5. Long service life and low maintenance cost: It is developed on the basis of traditional air-conditioning technology. The technology is mature, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long. It is safe and reliable in operation, fully automatic and manual operation-free, and intelligent control.

6. High degree of automation and intelligence: automatic temperature control device is used for continuous drying operation for 24 hours.

7. Wide range of application, not affected by climate: It can be widely used in heating and drying operations in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products processing and other industries.

Ginger dryer, ginger slice dryer-heat pump dryer performance advantages:

1. Adopt heat pump dehumidification closed circulation drying method to save operating costs; no waste gas and waste heat emissions, no noise pollution, environmental protection. It can realize the low-temperature drying method (10-35 ℃), close to natural drying, the quality of the dried items is good, the color is good, the product level is high, no pollution, significant energy saving, and more in line with environmental protection and sanitation requirements.

2. During the drying process, the material is not deformed, cracked, discolored, distorted, oxidized, thoroughly dried, rehydrated after drying, has little loss of nutrients, and has a long storage period. It protects the dried material more effectively than any traditional drying equipment The color, fragrance, taste, individual form and active ingredients.

3. Late drying (deceleration drying) can be used in combination with traditional steam, electric heating, infrared, microwave drying to shorten the drying cycle and save operating costs later.

4. Set multiple safety protection functions: phase sequence protection, phase loss protection, overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, etc., safe to use.

The Dryfree ginger dryer and ginger slice dryer are multi-functional dryers, and are also suitable for baking various spices such as fennel, star anise, wolfberry, yam, bay leaf, Amomum, cinnamon, pepper, grass fruit, clove, etc. Dry, welcome to consult.

Post time: Jul-03-2020