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Reasons for the poor dehydration of the sludge dewatering system

The so-called poor dehydration effect mainly refers to that the sludge after dehydration does not meet the expected moisture requirements. The main reasons for this phenomenon are usually the size of the sludge dewatering system is too small, the wind network wind pressure is too low, and the flow calculation Incorrect or improper operation. Therefore, when sludge dewatering, we should choose suitable sludge dewatering equipment according to the moisture content of sludge raw materials, production scale and user requirements, and set a reasonable production mode.


Next, we determine the dewatering effect of the sludge dryer on the sludge by the two cut-off points of the moisture content of the three sludge raw materials, namely 10% and 50%.

When the moisture content of the sludge is 10%, it is easy to store and transport. Even if there are active bacteria in the sludge, it is generally not activated, and it is not easy to be invaded by bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. in the air and use the nutrients of the sludge to multiply.

The sludge with a 50% moisture content is easier to disperse in shape and is beneficial to combustion. It should be noted that 50% moisture sludge is only a minimum condition.


In addition, during the operation of the sludge dewatering system, if the equipment’s motor is damaged, the power is insufficient, or the belt is detached or slack, it will cause the dehydration equipment to not operate normally. At this time, we have to carefully check the entire transmission system and eliminate the fault in time to ensure the smooth progress of the sludge dewatering operation.

Post time: Jul-06-2020