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How to use the dryer to improve efficiency and reduce losses

Every dryer user wants to achieve efficient dryer operation and reduce losses as much as possible. As a professional dryer manufacturer, Dryfree Technology gives the following suggestions.

First, pay attention to the use of cooling water. The fans and pumps used in the dryer are large-scale equipment, and the fans are basically continuously running, so the motors they use are easy to generate heat, and water is used for cooling. But today, with increasingly serious environmental problems, water is also a scarce resource. It is recommended that users and friends recycle the cooling water, which not only reduces the loss, but also saves water.


Second, pay attention to the overall thermal insulation of the dryer. The drying work is mainly the use of heat energy, so the full use of heat energy has become a very important item. Therefore, pay special attention to the insulation work of the dryer, and no heat loss can occur in any link.

Third, the use of frequency converters. The fan is an important supporting equipment for the dryer, and it is basically continuously running, and its loss is very large. The frequency converter is used here. After the frequency converter is used, the operation of the fan can be controlled artificially. In addition, frequency converters can also be added at the dust removal equipment.

Fourth, pay attention to the design of the hot air distributor. If the heat energy wants to contact with the wet material, it must pass through the hot air distributor. How to design the hot air distributor is an important work, which directly affects whether the material drying can meet the requirements.

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Post time: Jul-31-2020