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Precautions for using Dryfree papaya dryer

Papaya contains a variety of enzyme elements, vitamins and mineral elements, and has the effects of relieving heat and thirst, moistening lungs and cough. The dried papaya after processing is convenient for storage and transportation, and can be sold all over the country. Papaya dryers are needed for mass production of dried papaya.

The Dryfree papaya dryer is a heat pump dryer. This dryer is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving drying solution. The papaya dryer using this technology has the characteristics of high energy efficiency ratio, good appearance, mild drying, precise temperature and humidity control, no pollution during the drying process, and the most stringent QS certification requirements.


Notes on the use of heat pump papaya dryer:

1. Place the papaya dryer at a level in a dry room without corrosive gases.

2. The power input terminal should be equipped with a dedicated front-stage on-off switch and connected to a good ground wire for safety.

3. Check the power supply voltage, and use it only after the power supply wiring is correct.

4. When it is newly purchased or used for a long time, it should be baked at low temperature (80-100 ℃) for two hours before starting to increase the temperature, so as to facilitate the leakage of moisture and enhance the performance and prolong the life of the porcelain.

5. The temperature sensor probe of the instrument temperature control should be inserted into the working chamber from the temperature measuring hole on the left circuit layer, and should not be inserted from the center hole of the top gas valve of the box, so as not to affect the use.

6. The baking effect of the papaya dryer is good. When using it for the first time, please observe it carefully to avoid the damage caused by overheating and drying.

7. If you feel that the thermal inertia is slightly larger during use, you can turn off a group of heaters to reduce the heating power to prevent over-temperature caused by excessive inertia.

8. Take out the baked goods, please do not hit the part of the temperature controller that protrudes into the working room, to prevent damage to the temperature controller and cause malfunction.


Although the heat pump type papaya dryer is very mature in technology, it is similar to the air conditioning project. It is called three-point quality and seven-point installation. Dongguan Dryfree dryer manufacturers can design drying solutions tailored for customers and solve them for customers. Any problems encountered during the drying process are welcome to consult.

Post time: Jul-07-2020