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Important points of choosing a Chinese herbal medicine dryer

When purchasing a Chinese herbal medicine dryer, it is economical and durable, these are the foundations, and there are many other precautions. Dryfree Energy Saving reminds that the following points are very important when choosing a Chinese herbal medicine dryer.


First, environmental protection and energy saving

Environmental protection, for the Chinese herbal medicine dryer, there is no pollution and no exhaust gas during the drying process. Power saving. When using the Chinese medicine dryer, the most worthy of attention is the high power consumption of the dryer, which should have a good energy saving effect. Combining these two requirements, customers are recommended to use air heat pump dryers.

Second, a good control system

The Chinese herbal medicine dryer adopts a good control system, which can regulate the humidity and drying temperature at any time, and can be controlled in stages to make the drying process intelligent. While environmental protection and energy saving, the operation is simple, and the temperature of drying Chinese herbal medicines can be selected according to needs. And humidity and other related technical requirements.

Third, ensure safety during operation

During the operation of the Chinese herbal medicine dryer, the safety of the dryer must be considered, and there will be no burning or short circuit problems. If there is high temperature and high humidity, the power will be automatically cut off. That is to ensure the long-term working problem of the Chinese herbal medicine dryer, and also protect personal safety.


Post time: Jul-21-2020