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Pharmaceutical factories harmlessly treat sludge with sludge dryer

The treatment of sludge has always been a problem, which has caused headaches for pharmaceutical companies, electroplating companies and printing and dyeing companies. The pharmaceutical factory uses sludge dryer to harmlessly treat sludge and turn waste into treasure to solve the problem of sludge treatment.


Characteristics of heat pump sludge dryer

1. The sludge dryer is equipped with the patented technology of sludge extrusion and crushing, and adopts different spreading modes according to the solid content of sludge.

2. The heat pump sludge dryer can dry the mud cake with a water content of 80% into sludge particles with a water content of 10%, and the sludge reduction capacity is 1 / 4-1 / 5.

3. The heat pump sludge dryer adopts the leading heat pump dehumidification technology, saving more than 40% energy, and consumes about 0.3 ~ 0.4kw.h per 1kg.h20; traditional sludge drying equipment requires 1kw.h energy .

4. The heat pump sludge dryer adopts a low temperature (40-75 ° C) fully enclosed drying process without tail gas emissions and no odor treatment system; using low temperature drying can fully avoid the volatilization of different types of organic substances in the sludge The volatilization temperature (chain paraffins and aromatics volatilization temperature is 100-300 ℃, naphthenics volatilization temperature is mainly 250-300 ℃, nitrogen-containing compounds, amines, oximes volatilization temperature is mainly 200- 300 ℃, the volatilization temperature of alcohols, ethers, fatty ketones, amides and nitriles are all above 300 ℃. In addition, the volatilization temperature of aldehydes is mainly 150 ℃, and the volatilization temperature of fats is 150-250 ℃) .


Drying process of heat pump sludge dryer

1. In the first stage, the internal temperature of the drying room is increased, and the temperature is set at 50 degrees;

2. The second stage is set to increase temperature and humidity, and the temperature is set to 55 degrees;

3. The third stage continues to drain moisture, and the temperature rises to 65 degrees.

After confirming the set data, click the start button on the control panel, the sludge dryer starts to run automatically. The whole process is intelligent and safe, without personnel on duty. During the drying process, it can be found that the drain pipe of the equipment is discharged by water. After continuous drying and dehumidification, the sludge is dehydrated from the original moisture content of 80% to 20%. At this time, the drying is completed and the sludge can be taken out from the drying room.

Post time: Jul-08-2020