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The most used energy saving starch drying methods,using the belt starch dryer!

The dehydrated wet starch contains a large amount of water (35% to 45%) and cannot be stored or transported for a long time, so it must be dehydrated again. The dehydration of wet starch is the drying process in the starch production process. There are many options for the drying method of starch.

There are many drying methods in common starch processing equipment. Schneider compares various drying methods, understands the advantages and disadvantages of different drying methods, chooses the most suitable equipment, and hopes to help you.

1. Natural drying method:

Natural drying is used to reduce the water content. This method is simple and has little cost. It is suitable for small-scale home-style workshops or farmers’ starch making and drying. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time, outdoor processing, restricted by uncontrollable factors such as weather, site, environment, etc., dust, bacteria, etc. can not be isolated, and the sanitary conditions are not the first thing. At the same time, it can damage some materials such as the flavonoids in arrowroot, so it should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Drying method of drying room:

A small-scale processing plant has a drying room drying method. It introduces a heatable drying tube into the room for heating to maintain the temperature of the room at 50-55 degrees. The room is reasonably equipped with a starch tray bracket, and the room volume can be large. Small, at the top of the drying room, there are several exhaust fans to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

There are many heating methods for the drying room. The simplest is to directly pass the smoke-containing gas into the drying room through the pipeline. There are also hot air furnaces installed outside to pass the heated clean air into the room for heating. This way the temperature is relatively direct. Easy to control. The drying time of starch in the drying room depends on the degree of dryness and wetness of starch, but generally does not exceed 20 hours.

The advantage of the drying room drying method is that the investment is small, and the drying room can be used as a vermicelli drying room. The disadvantages are low production efficiency, long time consumption, large labor intensity, uneven product drying, large indoor temperature changes, and starch gelatinization.


3. Belt starch dryer:


(1) Used for drying cassava, sweet potato, pueraria lobata, etc.

(2) Drying for instant fans (convenient fans)

(3) Used for drying garlic slices, pumpkin, konjac, white radish, yam, bamboo shoots, etc.

(4) Used for drying other sheet, strip and granular materials with better air permeability.

(5) It is especially suitable for materials with high moisture content, such as dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, and materials whose temperature is not allowed to be high.

working principle:

The belt dehydration dryer is composed of main components such as feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and moisture exhaust fan. When the dryer is working, the cold air is heated by the heat exchanger, and the scientific and reasonable circulation method is adopted to make the hot air flow through the dried material on the bed surface for uniform heat and mass exchange. Under the action of the hot air circulation, the low temperature and high humidity air is finally discharged, and the entire drying process is completed smoothly and efficiently.

Product performance characteristics:

(1) The material has strong adaptability, large processing capacity and stable operation.

(2) The operation is flexible, the drying process of the wet material is carried out in a completely sealed box, the working conditions are better, and the leakage of dust is avoided.

(3) The material particles are not easily broken during the drying process.

(4) Not only can the materials be dried, but also the materials can be baked, baked or aged.

(5) The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, it can run for a long time, and it can enter the inside of the cabinet for maintenance when a failure occurs, and the maintenance is convenient.

The belt-type drying has small investment, can be operated continuously, and the drying efficiency is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the production capacity is small and the drying room covers a large area.

Belt starch dryer is one of the equipments commonly used in starch processing industry. Compared with other drying methods, the belt dryer is the most energy-efficient, lowest cost, and most efficient method.

Post time: Aug-11-2020