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The air leakage of the dryer must be dealt with in time

If the air leakage occurs in the dryer, this is not a small problem. Once the air leakage occurs in the dryer, the entire device will have operational problems that affect the drying effect, so it needs to be dealt with in time.


Dryer air leakage detection method:

Use chicken feathers or matches to check the air leakage of the welding equipment of the dryer during the inspection. You can use chicken feathers close to the inspection place. If there is air leakage, it will be absorbed in the gaps on the surface of the equipment.

2. Ignite the match and move near the surface of the equipment, and the place with air leakage will be found quickly. Larger air leaks can be judged from the hiss-hiss.

3. Touch it with water. Negative pressure air leakage is when the air flows from the outside to the inside of the system, and the hand is close to the wall and the surface of the device. If there is air leakage, there is a feeling of being sucked by the cool wind. Because the handle is wet, the air leakage is easier to feel.

Air leakage of sludge dryer will greatly reduce the efficiency of the dryer. It is recommended that the user of the dryer should firstly detect the air leakage of the dryer before the start of the drying operation. If the air is leaked, it should be immediately shut down to repair to minimize the loss.

Post time: Jul-22-2020