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Smooth and delicious rice noodles making by Dryfree rice noodle dryer

Rice noodles, Chinese specialty snacks, are very popular delicacies in southern China. Rice noodles are strips and silky rice products made from rice as the raw material through the processes of soaking, cooking and pressing. The rice noodles are flexible in texture and elastic, and they are not boiled in soup. They are not easy to break when they are fried. They are cooked with various dishes or soups. favorite.

Is popular in southern China because of its abundance of rice. Southerners are used to eating rice and it is difficult to swallow dry food. Therefore, rice noodles are generally made into noodle soup. The rice noodles in different parts of the south are different in the way they are eaten and prepared. The rice noodles in Guizhou are quite spicy, and a bowl of soup is almost always red. Guilin rice noodles and rice noodles from Hsinchu, Taiwan are very famous. Rice noodles are a favorite food of Jiangxi people, almost no banquets and no rice noodles.


There are many varieties of rice noodles, which can be divided into row rice noodles, square rice noodles, corrugated rice noodles, silver silk rice noodles, wet rice noodles, dry rice noodles, etc. Their production process is similar, generally: rice-panning-soaking-refining-steamed powder-tabletting (extruding)-double steaming-cooling-drying-packaging-finished products. Among them, the production process of drying is very important. The temperature is too high, and the rice noodles are easy to break. If the temperature is too low, the drying time is too long, and the quality is also affected accordingly, so various drying methods have become another one of people. select.

The Dryfree rice flour dryer is heated by compressed air (adjustable temperature is 8 ℃ -75 ℃), which can control the drying temperature and humidity more accurately. The dried rice flour does not change color, the taste is good, and the drying process will not break. Evenness. The drying process of the Dryfree rice noodle dryer fully meets the food hygiene requirements, and the automatic operation does not require personnel to take care of it, saving costs.

Dryfree Energy Saving Technology not only manufactures and sells rice noodle dryers, but also a variety of different dryers, such as sausage dryers, paper tube dryers, sludge dryers, agricultural product dryers, and Chinese herbal medicine dryers. Wait, everyone is welcome to come and consult.


Post time: Jul-23-2020