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Good quality tobacco drying by high-temperature heat pump dryer can sold at a good price

In the production process of tobacco leaves, roasting is an important part in determining the quality of flue-cured tobacco. Dryfree high temperature heat pump tobacco leaf dryer, environmental protection and energy saving heat pump drying technology, allows farmers to roast good tobacco and sell it at a good price!

In some remote areas, due to the constraints of the natural environment, capital and technology, although various tobacco areas invest more energy in training, technical implementation, and technical guidance, various problems will still occur in the baking process, affecting the quality of tobacco leaves. Therefore, the Tobacco Bureaus of various regions are working intensively to build intensive roasting rooms in the flue-cured tobacco base and promote the tobacco leaf dryer.


Some old tobacco farmers like to use their old methods of flue-curing tobacco, resisting the use of new tobacco dryers, and always worry that the machine will spoil the tobacco. Relying on personal experience, flue-cured tobacco makes it difficult to accurately control the temperature and humidity of the flue-curing room. The flue-cured tobacco produced in kang often has green tendons and mildew, and it is difficult to meet the national high-grade tobacco standards.

The sharpener does not cut the woodworker by mistake, and good tobacco roasting equipment can assist the farmers to successfully complete the production of flue-cured tobacco, achieving a multiplier effect. Dryfree high-temperature heat pump tobacco leaf dryer uses heat pump heating, a powerful intelligent control system, which can stabilize the moisture content of flue-cured tobacco. It is equipped with a unique patented internal circulation dehumidification process. It is also equipped with an advanced intelligent control system to meet the drying and yellowing period of tobacco leaves. The temperature and humidity requirements of the color period and the dry gluten period.

After placing the raw tobacco in the drying room of the tobacco leaf dryer, the tobacco farmers can observe and adjust the progress of the flue-cured tobacco through the mobile phone, and fully realize the controllable intelligent management. There are multiple tobacco curing curves in the control system. The farmers can modify the dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and baking duration of each stage according to the local tobacco and climate conditions. The modified curve can be stored and stored at any time transfer. Tobacco drying is completed under the closed aluminum alloy drying kiln to avoid the interference of the external environment. 100% retains the original color and flavor of tobacco. Compared with traditional coal-fired boilers, it produces 98% higher gold flue-cured tobacco.


In addition, due to the different types and properties of tobacco leaves, Dryfree provides high-quality tobacco closed-loop internal roasting solutions for the needs of high-quality tobacco leaves; for the needs of ordinary tobacco leaves, it provides tobacco-specific dehumidification roasting solutions, effectively Tobacco leaf baking is completed.

The Dryfree dense roasting room is equipped with a professional tobacco dryer, so that the tobacco leaves are professionally guaranteed, helping to reduce various problems in the baking process, so that farmers can rest assured to roast the tobacco and sell it at a good price!

Post time: Jul-10-2020