Dryfree mainly sells dehydrator, solar dryers, heat pump dryer machines and solar+heat pump dryer.

Build industry low-carbon competitiveness to promote energy conservation and emission reduction

Industrial relations, national economy and people’s livelihood have maintained a sustained growth momentum, but in the process of development there are also phenomena of large input of raw materials, low output ratio and serious environmental pollution. In recent years, companies have realized these problems, and began to implement and promote energy-saving and pollution-reducing measures within the company, and actively practice the circular economy and low-carbon economy. There have been many typical experiences and cases worth promoting. Especially reflected in the saving and reuse of water, electricity and other resources, as well as the recycling of waste water, waste steam and waste.

solar dryer

In response to national policies, Dryfree produced sludge treatment dryers. After the sewage is treated, the water can be recycled, and the remaining sludge can also be turned into a “baby”. After being processed by the sludge dryer, it can be put into the boiler for incineration, which not only solves the problem of land occupation by traditional sludge treatment and landfill, but also prolongs the burning time of coal-fired, and provides part of the heat, resulting in economic benefits. Realize the transformation of waste into treasure and reuse of waste. In this way, closed-loop recycling can be achieved, which can greatly reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce waste, promote environmental protection, and promote the construction of ecological economy.

The technical advancement of Dryfree efficient heat pump sludge dehumidifier is as follows:

1. Efficient use of heat and cold in heat pump technology, make full use of heat pump evaporative dehumidification, condensation heating.

2. Making full use of low temperature and high humidity adsorption dehumidification structure and principle, give play to the highest efficiency of equipment.

3. Eight – effect dehumidification and heating, improve water removal per unit of electrical power.

4. Efficient heat recovery technology and dehumidification technology, increase the air temperature and decrease the relative humidity. It can accelerate the evaporation rate and shorten the drying time of sludge.

5. Using the shallow-stream effect of high voltage electric field to adsorb water ionization dehydration and improve regeneration efficiency.

6. High efficiency full effect heat exchanger can fully improve sensible heat, increase the relative humidity of return air and improve the dehydration efficiency of heat pump evaporator.

7. Equipment closed circulation, less cooling and heat loss, less odor in the process of sludge drying.

8. Sheet metal material is made of 304 stainless steel. Appearance is spray treatment, which has good anti-corrosion performance.

9. The heat pump evaporator and condenser are treated with special nano coating to improve the anti-corrosion performance and hydrophobicity to improve the efficiency of the heat pump.

Post time: Aug-13-2020