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Four-stage drying technology of noodle dryer

Dryfree noodle dryer adopts heat pump drying method, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It is suitable for drying food such as noodles, noodles, vermicelli, and wide powder. Below, I will share with you the four-stage drying process of the noodle dryer.


1. Cool breeze stabilization stage: generally choose not to heat, but strengthen the air activity method, combined with the noodle dryer to promote the dehumidification of the noodles with a large amount of dry air, so that the shape of the noodles begins to be fixed, and the surface moisture is removed. During drying, the temperature is controlled at 20-26, and the air humidity is 55-65% RH.

2. Moisture-preserving and sweating stage: This area is mainly based on the separation and precipitation of water, strengthen ventilation, and make the air circulation clear. At this moment, the temperature across the zone rises. , Insist on certain humidity. The drying time is controlled at about 30-40 minutes, the drying temperature is 30-35, and the air humidity is 75-85% RH.

3. Heating and dehumidifying stage: It is necessary to increase the temperature of noodles in the “moisture retention and sweating” stage in one step to properly reduce the relative humidity, so that the moisture of the noodles will be evaporated in a high temperature and low humidity state in time. The drying time is controlled at about 90 minutes, the drying temperature is 35-45, and the air humidity is 65-75% RH.

4. Cooling and heat dissipation stage: Through the main drying stage, most of the water of the noodles has been removed, and the structure of the noodles has been completely fixed. At this moment, only the activity of air is required, and the temperature of the noodles is slowly lowered, and a small part of the water is continuously removed. The drying time is controlled at 90 minutes, the drying temperature is 26-28, and the air humidity is 50-60% RH.

The noodles produced by this type of noodle dryer are straight and lubricated, have a good shape, no crisp noodles, and are tightly and beautifully packaged. They have a shelf life of less than 35 months at room temperature and no mold, pests, or sour taste. They have excellent cooking functions. Without mixing soup, the breaking strength is obviously improved, and the moisture uniformity is good.

Post time: Jul-24-2020