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How to make osmanthus tea at home?

Dried osmanthus can be used for making tea and medicine, and it is also a necessary flavor for many food snacks. Every time the season of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, many people will make daring sweet-scented osmanthus at home. Regarding the homemade dried osmanthus, many friends think very simple, thinking that as long as the fresh osmanthus is placed on the balcony and dried. This approach is very wrong. Because osmanthus must be dried to retain its fragrance, dried osmanthus has no fragrance. Now, Dryfree dryer manufacturer tell everyone how to make dried osmanthus at home.

To make high-quality dried osmanthus, picking is also critical. Because the flowering period of osmanthus is relatively short, only 4 to 5 days before and after. In order to ensure product quality and output, it is necessary to harvest in time, too late or too early. Generally speaking, picking should be completed within 3 to 4 days after flowering. Picking osmanthus generally chooses the morning, especially when picking a little dew in the morning.


Picked osmanthus should be processed into dried osmanthus in time, and it should not be left for a long time to avoid excessive loss of fragrance.

Method 1: oven drying method

Take a large box of mineral water to soak up fresh osmanthus (half a catty of fresh osmanthus). Osmanthus fragrans was taken out and washed several times with mineral water to control net water and manually sort out dried flowers and pedicels. Put in the oven to dry, take out and let cool.


Method 2: microwave drying method

Pick out the dried osmanthus flowers and pedicels, wash them with clean water, and control the water content. Find a clean piece of gauze, pour osmanthus onto the gauze, and prepare to bake in the microwave. First bake twice on a medium heat in a microwave oven, the first time is 3 minutes, after cooling, then bake a second time on a medium heat, the time is 2 minutes. This kind of dried osmanthus has the best color and is suitable for old and tender.

Method 3: Quicklime drying method

Pick up the freshly picked osmanthus to remove impurities, but do not wash the osmanthus with water. If you have to clean it before you can rest assured, you can rinse the fresh osmanthus with flowers, and then dry it with a hair dryer after controlling the water. Never put it under the sun to dry the osmanthus.

Take a sufficient amount of quicklime block on the bottom of the container, lay a layer of plastic paper on it, and then take a large sheet of paper into the container. The paper should completely cover the bottom and surroundings of the container. This is to prevent direct contact between osmanthus and quicklime. The amount of lime block is about 2 times the weight of fresh osmanthus, the more the better.

After finishing, sprinkle the fresh osmanthus into the container, and then tightly seal the container for 1 to 2 days. Open it at this time to see, the fresh osmanthus has become very dry, and it will not change color without losing its fragrance.

Method 4: Drying method of heat pump osmanthus dryer

Dryfree heat pump type osmanthus dryer is divided into large and small, small osmanthus dryer is very suitable for home use, with ultra-high temperature, uniform drying, high efficiency and energy saving, low carbon environmental protection, automatic control, etc., widely used in litchi , Longan, honeysuckle, daylily, mushrooms, blueberries, wolfberry, jujube, walnuts, green plum, tea, dried apricots, raisins, mosquito coils, bacon, sausages, dried shrimps, preserves and other agricultural and sideline products and Chinese medicinal materials, seafood drying.


Finally, remind everyone that if you use the drying method to make dried osmanthus, remember not to overdo it. Generally speaking, the whole process of drying the osmanthus to keep the original color at the end, until it can be grinded into powder by hand. The dried osmanthus can be stored in a glass bottle and sealed.

Post time: Jul-13-2020